Dragon Age Origins Side Quest: Brecilian Forest Guide

Dragon Age Origins Side Quest: Brecilian Forest Guide
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Cammen’s Lament

This is a pretty quick quest inside the camp. You can have a little fun with it if you want or just do the standard hero route. Cammen is sitting next to the fire in the Dalish camp. You can talk to him and learn about his problems. He’s in love with Gheyna, but he hasn’t managed to successfully hunt anything yet. Gheyna doesn’t want to hook up with a loser, so he’s stuck.

If you want, you can go out into the forest. You can then just kill one of the many wolves in the forest and bring the pelt back to him. With a little persuasion, you can convince him to lie and say that it was his kill.

You can also convince Gheyna that he’s a good man and just needs support or convince Cammen to be a little more assertive.

Helping them get together will earn you some approval from Leliana, but Morrigan will find it foolish. Since you’re so close to a world exit though, you can just drop Morrigan back at camp.

For a little fun, you can convince one that the other actually hates them. You can also convince Gheyna that Cammen just wants to hook up with her and he’s not really in love. You can also seduce one or the other for yourself and then tell the other.

Just make your decision. If you help them get together, you’ll get a book of Elven lore from Cammen that you can trade with the Mad Hermit for something.

Elora’s Halla

This is a quick one. Go over to the Halla pen and talk to Elora. She’s afraid that her Halla was bitten by a werewolf, but she can’t examine it because the halla is too restless. You have two options. With a few points in survival, you can calm the Halla down enough for her to examine it. Saving the halla will net you some experience and appreciation.

You can also lie with enough points in Coerce. You can pretend to examine it and say that she has to kill it. You can then get the antlers and try to get Varathrone to make an amulet out of them.

Note that it seems like your own Survival skill won’t matter. For whatever reason on the PC copy it looks like it skips over your warden’s skill. You will usually need someone in the party who has two points in survival.

Lost to the Curse

This is a pretty quick one that you’ll basically stumble across anyway. To officially start this one you need to talk to Athras and convince to tell you what’s bothering him. It seems that his wife, Danyla, was bitten by a werewolf. Zathrian says that she died, but he won’t let Athras see the body. He wants to know the truth.

Dragon Age: Origins - Brecilian Forest - Danyla

If you can’t persuade him to tell you what happened, then you can just get this by finding Danyla in the forest. She’s in the East Brecilian Forest, near the spot where you enter. Just turn to the left or right depending on whether you took the north or south entrance. It’s the little path that cuts through the forest.

There’s a group of werwolves that you’ll have to kill. Once you get past them, you’ll find Danyla. She’ll tell you that she can barely control it and wishes to die with her dignity intact. You can talk to her and even get her to talk a bit about Witherfang. She should hand you her scarf and then ask for you to kill her. You can kill her through the dialogue, or refuse. If you refuse, she’ll lose control and attack you. You’ll then have to kill her in a real fight, although it shouldn’t be too rough.

You can go back to camp and talk to Athras. Just tell him that she died. If you go on about how she “sent her love” then Morrigan will get a bit disgusted while Leliana will think it’s beautiful. Just keep that in mind. Note that you don’t have to give him the scarf if you don’t mention it. It won’t affect your reward and it will give you an extra item to bargain with the Mad Hermit. He’ll give you a nice amulet in return for you help, which can also be traded with the Mad Hermit.

Rare Ironbark

You can get this one by talking to Varathron. He’ll ask you to look for some ironbark in the forest when you go out. This is quite easy. There’s a really big tree that fell down in the West Brecilian Forest. It’s past the waterfall and on the left hand side of the map. It should also be marked by a quest marker.

Just take some from it and go back to Varathron. He’ll offer to make you a bow or a breastplate out of it. You can also use persuasion to convince him to make both or you can donate it to the clan. He’ll give you an amulet that boosts nature resistance in thanks for the donation.

The breastplate is alright. It’s fairly good for scale armor and will probably fit your warrior or even your rogue nicely. If you’re doing this late in the game, then you might just want to sell it. You probably have better stuff.

The bow’s fairly good and will come in handy since it boosts damage against undead and beasts. Considering how many of those you’ll be fighting, it’s a good choice for your archer now. I don’t use archers though, so it’s your call as to how well it will really help your group.

The amulet is pretty lackluster, but you can also trade it with the Mad Hermit, so that’s a bonus.

Wounded in the Forest

This is a simple quest in the West Brecilian Forest. You are supposed to stumble across a wounded elf hunter. I couldn’t find him in my last playthrough and I assume it’s because the Signs of Safe Passage quest interfered with the spawn.

Regardless, it’s just a standard RPG quest. You find a dying hunter named Deygan. You can either rush him back to camp and save him, loot him and safe him, loot him and kill him, etc. You’ll get a bit of approval from the “good” characters for helping him and you can get a sapphire later in camp.

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