Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Brecilian Forest - The Mage's Treasure

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - The Brecilian Forest - The Mage's Treasure
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The Gravestones

This is the biggest quest for the Brecilian Forest. Doing it can net a full set of juggernaught armor, which is very good general armor that has a strong resistance to magic. It’s actually one of the most useful pieces of equipment against the archdemon at the end, so you definitely want it.

The first three pieces are fairly straightforward to get, but not necessarily easy. There are three ancient tombstones in the forest. The first one you’ll see is in the West Brecilian Forest in a spot that looks down on the Grand Oak. You can’t do much with this one though. You will normally have to break the wards on the one in the East Brecilian Forest first.

The second one is in the East Brecilian Forest. It’s in the back corner and to the left in what looks like a ruined temple. Save and then examine the tombstone. Once you disturb its wards, a revenant will spawn with a few skeleton soldiers. Revenants are really hard to kill, especially at a low level.

There isn’t much of a trick though. A tank need to distract the revenant, a rogue needs to backstab him or at least dish out a little extra damage, and a mage needs to work crowd control on the skeletons along with the warrior. The biggest problem for a usual combat group is that the revenant can swing backwards. This means your rogue can easily take a big hit at any point in the fight. You really need to watch their health.

Also, make sure you look for skeleton mages. There can occasionally be a mage in the group and they are top priority. Make sure a warrior or a rogue rushes them before they can do too much damage.

With a little luck, the revenant will die after a bit of a grind.

You should now be able to go back to the first tombstone we passed. It’s marked on the map with an “X”, in case you have trouble finding it again.

Disturb the wards and kill the revenant here.

The third one is on the way into the Lair of the Werewolves. It’s just past the fog and in a ruined site. Once again, just disturb the tombstone and then take it out.

The Elven Ritual

The fourth piece of armor is a little harder to get. While you are inside the ruined temple that the werewolves are using for a hideout, you should stumble across a large room and possibly the quest for The Elven Ritual. That’s just a subset of this quest.

Dragon Age: Origins - Brecilian Forest - The Elven Ritual

On the lower floor, you’ll run into a ghost child. After you talk to him and then survive the fight he triggers, you should start looking around. There should be a large room ahead with a little well in the center and an altar. Look into the rooms in the outside hallway. A sarcophagus holds a carved elven tablet that will let us do the ritual. Note that it seems like you need the instructions to even start the ritual.

The ritual is fairly simple. You need to pull the jug out of the well in the center of the room. Then you need to fill the jug (apparently it was underwater but not full). Then chose to leave the pool alone to back away. Put the now full jug onto that altar in the corner. Pray in front of the altar. You now need to take a sip of the water, but you have to examine the jug to get that option. Take the jug and leave the altar alone. Then dump all of the water out into the well.

If you did this right, then the jug will shatter and the doors in the back of the room will open. If you mess something up, then don’t worry. You’ll just have to kill two shades and then try again.

Go into the new room. There’s another ghostly figure back here, but we’re going to end up in a bit of a fight regardless of what happens. It should just be you against some shades and archers around the little temple. There’s no trick to fighting them. Just use some good area magic to freeze a group and dish out some damage. Have your tank buff a few and let your rogue backstab their way through them. You should also be able to bottleneck them a bit too thanks to the shape of the ruins. If you’ve made it this far, it shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Once they’re all dead, you can just search the big sarcophagus in the center for the last piece to the set.

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