Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Clearing the Ruined Temple

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Clearing the Ruined Temple
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Entering the Ruined Temple

We need to clear out the temple before we get down to it. Once you make it inside the temple, walk over to the left room on the floor. There are three cultists inside, but you can kill them in a few seconds. Search the area for some new loot and make sure you grab the taper. We’ll need that in a second to get a codex entry.

Go over to the right room and look around. You should be able to find a Scroll of Banastor (if you took the quest from the mages collective) and some encrypted scrolls. Finding the encrypted scrolls should trigger the “Forgotten Verses” quest. That one is basically free money, so make sure you grab the scrolls. When you’re ready, go upstairs and engage the cultists. There should be about four archers on the stairs and another group of reavers. Have your tank engage the reavers while Leliana backstabs them. The other warrior and Morrigan can then either work on the archers or help out with the reavers. You should be able to punch through fairly quickly.

Heal up and then go up further and to the left. Two archers should ambush you while a large Bronto attacks you. This isn’t actually too hard. Just have your tank shrug off his attacks while your rogue takes it out. Advance further into this wing to reach a large group of cultists. There are several reavers and archers here. You can’t just run down the hallway to chase them though. Stay close and focus on kill the reavers while your mage handles the archers from a distance. A common trick seems to be for the archers to run down the hallway into the next room, which is another ambush entirely. You probably won’t be able to handle both. You should recover while you search the room that they were guarding. Another scroll of banastor should be in here.

Once they’re dead and you’re healed, head down and enter the next room. There’s a mage in the little closet and another few reavers will attack. The mage will probably cast Misdirection Hex, so have another warrior nearby to cover the afflicted one. Kill the mage and grind through the cultists while they’re stuck by the door.

More Room Clearing

Move forward to the next bedroom. We don’t want to charge into the room with all the enemies. We need to kill these mages first. There are two mages in this bedroom. There’s one in each closet. They’ll start a little ambush together and usually trigger a few reavers from the other room into the fight. Go to the back of the room and kill the mage in the far closet. This should give you a bit of cover against the other. He’ll probably use misdirection hex, so have another warrior ready to do the damage.

Dragon Age: Origins - Ruined Temple - Sacred Ashes of Andraste

Go back out and kill the other mage while you focus on the few reavers in the room.

Now that these mages are dead and a few of the cultists are thinned out, go ahead into the next room with all the cultists and reavers. Your best bet is to try and lure them out to the door. The hardest part is that there is another strong mage waiting for us in here. Try to get a warrior past the big group to keep him stunned and interrupted. A few crowd control spells like cone of cold will do wonders, too.

Once the room is clear, go past to the closet area and check the ornate chest. There’s a key to the locked door in the south east chamber and a black pearl we need for later. Get the key and go back out to it main area. There should be an ambush waiting for you. Just run down and kill the mage. You can then curl up the line through the archers while another warrior kills the reavers.

Go to the southeast corner and use the key to get into another storage area. Search the unlocked chest for the key to the main hall. The other chests have some decent armor too. Approach the door to the next part of the main hall. Turn right and go down the curvy tunnel though. There’s a fallen knight with some really good armor on him. Take it and then go to the locked door. Unlock it and go through.

The Next Hall

There’s another cultist mage at the top of the steps. Go ahead and try to charge him or use a mage to freeze him. Two wraiths will spawn on the floor. Leave most of your party down on the floor to deal with them while someone chases the mage. The two archers aren’t much of a threat. Just charge them once the mage is dead.

Go ahead and use the brazier to get a new codex entry and open up the next door. This is basically just a trap room. There are four archers in the back, but they aren’t a real threat. The threat is the two ballista in the room. They are attached to tripwires in front of them. If your character breaks the line, they’ll lose a good chunk of health. There are also bear traps on the floor to annoy us. If you can navigate your way around the tripwires and get past the traps, killing the 4 archers is easy. Just take them out and heal up.

Ash Wraiths

Dragon Age: Origins - Ruined Temple - Sacred Ashes - Ash Wraith

Save and then open the next door. This is another ambush. A yellow ranked ash wraith spawns in the middle and two groups charge from the left and right. The left group is just a reaver and archer. Ignore them for the time being. Have someone charge down the right side and attack mage coming in that group. You can ignore the reaver for now if you want. Once the mage is dead, things get a lot easier. Hopefully your mage and your other warrior can work down the ash wraith in the center while you’re gone. He’s tough, but there isn’t much to do besides attack in mass. Winter’s grasp seems to do well though, so remember to use your spells well. Remember to check the iron chest in here. There should be some Ancient Elven gloves for the Ancient Elven Armor set.

Once things are taken care of, you can pick a path. For the left path, you just have to charge forward and rush the mage ahead. He’ll summon two ash wraiths, but let your party handle them. Kill the mage and then work on the fairly weak wraiths. The next area full of chests are actually trapped to just release ash wraiths. The first one unleashes one. The second unleashes two. The third unleashes 2 yellow rank ones and a normal one. You can go ahead and fight them for some experience if you want. The locked chest just has a sword in it.

Go into the next room and fight the little last guard group. There are two reavers, an archer, and a mage. You know what to do. Kill the mage and surround the rest. The last door is to the Wyrmling Lair. You can go ahead and tackle the right side if you want.

The one on the right has a group of reavers and a mage up front. Just kill the mage and attack the rest. The next mage ahead will summon two wraiths and use a lot of freezing magic. Do what you can to pin him down and kill him so that you can handle the wraiths in peace.

There’s just one more reaver and two archers ahead. Kill them and make your way to the Wyrmling Lair.

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