Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Finding Brother Genitivi

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Finding Brother Genitivi
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The Hunt for Brother Genitivi

You can get this quest as soon as you receive the note about it in Lothering, if you delivered the note and locket from the fallen knight to his partner in the chantry. If you read that, you should have learned about Brother Genitivi in Denerim. If you waited for the official quest to be handed to you, then you can get it after you deal with the siege at Redcliffe and handle Conner’s Demon.

Regardless, make the long trip up to Denerim and then walk through the market district. Brother Genitivi’s house should be marked on the map. It’s right across from the Gnawed Noble Tavern past the open marketplace.

If you walk inside, you’ll meet Weylon. He’ll explain that he is Geneviti’s apprentice and that his master is gone. If you pressure him, he’ll tell you that he already sent two knights after him to Lake Calenhad Docks. He claims that the innkeeper is tied to the quest for the sacred ashes of Andraste.

This don’t seem right though. You need to make your roleplaying choice. Do you want to see why Weylon is acting weird, or do you want to check his tip.

Lake Calenhad Docks

Dragon Age: Origins - Lake Calenhad Cultists

If you travel to Lake Calenhad Docks, you can find that the innkeeper in The Spoiled Princess is really nervous. You can persuade him to tell you the truth. It seems that the whole thing is an ambush by some creepy guys who are holding him hostage. Regardless, they’ll attack you as you leave The Spoiled Princess. There should be about five of them. Just charge out and attack. You should be able to cut through them and the nearby templar should even help.

When you go back to Brother Geneviti’s house, Weylon will attack. You can just kill him.

Investigate the Home

Now, if you might have noticed that Weylon is really trying to talk you out of saving his master. That’s odd. If you press him on the issue, you can make him slip up and he’ll attack. You can also approach the door that is just past him. He’ll demand that you stop. If you insist to explore the house, he’ll attack. He’s a very strong mage, but he has no room to maneuver. You can just surround him and pound him. He’ll die very quickly. If you go into the back room of the house, you can find the real Weylon’s body under a sheet.

Make sure that you look at all the books in this house for a lot of codex entries.

A Little Piece of Haven

In order to find the real place to go, you need to go into the back room of Genitivi’s House. Next to the real Weylon’s body, there’s a chest. You can open it to find Geneviti’s Research Notebook. This will put Haven on your map.

Dragon Age: Origins - Cultists in Haven

Before we start, there’s one big thing to know. Sten doesn’t like going so far away from the darkspawn on what he feels is a wild goose chase. If you can’t handle his fears, then he will attack you and you’ll have to beat him up and demand that he fall back in line. It’s actually possible to come out a little bit ahead in that exchange, but it’s probably not something you want to do on purpose. That said, I only lost one point with him when I went. It seemed nearly impossible to get him to fight me, too. I assume it’s because I had almost maxed out his approval and I found Sten’s Sword through his quest. He seemed to trust me at this point.

When you enter Haven, you can talk to the guard to pick up the creepy vibe. There isn’t much to do here. If you go into the villager house on the left, then you’ll find their blood stained altar and this will probably make the whole village attack you. If you want to buy some new supplies, then you should go to the village shop first. They also shouldn’t be hostile if you have more apathetic members in your party, since only Alistair, Wynne, and Leliana should get upset over it and trigger the attack when you leave.

For our guide, I’m going to assume that you’ll start it up by looking at this altar. If you can’t or don’t want to do that, then you can go to the store. Just try to go to the back. This will probably trigger an attack, because they’re hiding a dead knight in back.

Fighting the Cult

Dragon Age: Origins - Eirik in Haven

The cultists themselves are pushovers. Just stand your ground and cut through them quickly. They’ll die in a few slashes and the archers seem to do very little damage. Kill them all and then move up the slope. There’s a mage and 4 reavers waiting here outside the store. They’re a little tougher, but just hang on and kill the mage first. The reavers will go down if a warrior focuses on them. You can raid the village shop if you want. There’s some good equipment locked up in the chests and a dead knight from Eamon in the back. There’s also some antivan boots you can give to Zevran in a chest in the store, so pick those up.

Go further up the hill and kill a few more cultists to make it up to the Haven Chantry. Kill any defenders up here. There should be just a few more reavers in place. Then step inside and meet the revered father and the head of cult, Eirik. This will result in a fight, but it isn’t actually too bad. It’s just another fight. There’s 2 guards and Eirik in the room. Just gang up on him and then distract the guards while Leliana backstabs them.

Search Eirik’s body for the cult medallion. We need that to get into the temple, so save some time. Touch the brick wall to open up the secret room and enter the study. Brother Genitivi is on the ground. Talk to him and let him know that he’s safe. He’ll offer to take you up to the temple once you show him that you have the medallion. He’ll ask if he can come with to the temple. If you say yes, then you’ll have to deal with him a little bit at the end. It’s not a big deal. It will also take you immediately to the ruined temple.

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