Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Broken Circle - Templar Quarters

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Broken Circle - Templar Quarters
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Fourth Floor - Templar Quarters

There’s only one way out of this big room. Go forward and into the room with the cabinets. You can loot in peace for a moment. Once you exit, you’ll end up fighting four dragonlings that got out of their cages. These guys aren’t too tough. Just have your warriors buff them and let your rogue stab them a bunch. These should be pushovers after what we’ve faced. Loot the area and then move into the hallway.

About five abominations should come out of both rooms. These guys are pushovers after Sloth, so just cut right through them and loot their rooms. The rest of the area should be empty, or it will at least look empty. Right before you reach the stairs, there is a room with a chest and soldier’s body on the back wall. If you approach the chest, two greater shades and two greater rage demons will spawn. These guys are really tough and will take a lot of luck to win. You might just want to skip it. It’s your call. I did it in the usual way by using up some of the health poultices I’d looted in the rooms before. If you’re really running low, then you’ll definitely need to skip this fight.


Approach the final door and walk toward the stairs to find Cullen. This templar is trapped in a magic cell. If you hang around long enough, he’ll realize that you aren’t more demons sent to torment him and he’ll be willing to talk to you. He’ll argue that the mages must be killed in order to stop it all. He’s sure that the blood mages have tainted them all. This isn’t true, but it fits the usual templar mindset.

You can make a decision here if you want. You can side with him and agree that they have to die. This will make Wynne hostile, since she does not appreciate you deciding to kill her friends. Don’t do it this way. It’s stupid.

You can also draw the line in the sand that you’ll save them. Just be careful, though. If you keep arguing that you have to save every innocent, Sten will lose some approval with you for being soft-hearted in the face of such a threat.

It’s best to just say that you’ll make up your mind once you see the horrors yourself. If you stick to your guns and say that that’s your decision, Cullen will back down.

Make a permanent save here and move up the step to face Uldred. Also make sure that you have the Litany of Adralla in your action bar. It can get a little buggy if you don’t put it in.


Uldred is now a pride demon and he’s making the mages join him or turn into abominations. No matter what you say, it’s ending in the big climatic battle.

Dragon Age: Origins - Killing Uldred

Uldred is a huge demon. He’s fairly strong, he’s got a lot of health, and he can do magic and powerful attacks. This will be tough and it might take you a few tries. You just need to watch your party and hand out the poultices freely. If you can keep Wynne alive and healing while also slipping poultices to Sten and your buffer, then you should make it.

There are also three abominations by Uldred. These demons aren’t too tough. Just surround them for the first few seconds of the fight and cut them down. This way you can focus on Uldred. Every little bit he’ll try to convert another mage into an abomination. Wynne will yell out a warning and he’ll ask loudly if they “accept his gift.” If you have trouble hearing the warnings or seeing the white rings in time, then you should turn on subtitles for this fight.

Once he issues the warning, just hit the icon for the Litany of Adralla. This will break the spell and save the mage. He’ll try to do this a few times during the fight. You have to stop him if you want to save the mages, since if he manages to work through the mages he’ll convert Irving and finish off the circle. If you really want to be sure that you side with Cullen and the templars, then you can just let him do it to wipe out the circle. A new abomination shouldn’t throw off the fight too much.

Once the battle starts, it’s actually a pretty trivial fight. Just have a warrior charge up and buff his attacks. My warden did fine with shield wall. Sten can take up another spot and hammer away at Uldred’s health. You’ll probably need to keep him supplied with poultices though, unless you’ve beefed up his constitution. Rogues will have some trouble, since it seems like backstabs aren’t too effective. They are reliable though. Leliana was able to hang out behind him and get a steady five damage every second. That really wears him down quickly.

I hate to leave it at that, but that’s the basics. You just need to keep him pinned down and dish out some damage while Wynne heals everybody and you use the Litany of Adralla. You should be able to chip away at him for a minute or so. If someone dies, remember that Wynne knows revival by default.

At this point, all you can do is pray that Uldred doesn’t break out his magic too often and that your little party can bring him down by the end.


Once he’s dead, make sure that you search him and free Enchanter Irving if he’s not dead. If he is, then talk to Cullen. Go downstairs and you’ll automatically go back to the first floor with Greagoir. If Irving is there, he should automatically back down and leave you to side with the mages. You should be able to convince him to accept the mages into the templars and therefore side with the templars for the final battle. I don’t know why you’d want to do that though. Mages will be much more useful than a few more buffer warriors.

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