How to Respec in Dragon Age Origins

How to Respec in Dragon Age Origins
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Change of Heart?

Dragon Age is an incredibly complex game. It is easy to accidentally make your party weak in combat by picking the wrong skills or by putting points into the wrong stats when leveling up. The game doesn’t protest until you find yourself slain by every party of bandits you come across - and by then it is too late.

Or is it? There are actually two ways one can choose to respec in Dragon Age, and this guide will examine them. Remember to save your game and make a copy in a separate folder before attempting any respec!

Respec via Console

Opening up the in-game console in order to respec is a very powerful method of altering a character, but it is also complex.

The console is not enabled by default. To open it, you’ll need to alter your Dragon Age shortcut by adding the line -enabledeveloperconsole at the end of the shortcut target. Next you’ll need to edit the KeyBinding.ini file in your Dragon Age/Settings folder. Find OpenConsole_0 and add the value Keyboard::Button_Tilde.

Pressing the ~ key should now open the console. The console is not (and never will be) visible. However, enabling the console will disable the command functions of keys - this is how you’ll know that the console is open. Once it is open you’re free to modify your character using the console commands runscript addtalent and runscript removetalent and along with the appropriate console command code. There are too many available to list here, but they are listed at the Dragon Age Wiki.

Respec via Mod

The console works well enough, and is interesting because once you’re familiar with it you can also use many other console commands to change the game on the fly (with sometimes hilarious consequences). However, the console can be finicky. Some players will want an easier solution.

Fortunately, such a solution does exist in the form of a mod. The Dragon Age Respec Mod places Ravens in the game world who can give your character a potion. This potion, once used, activates a reset of your character’s abilities and attribute points, allowing you to completely reinvent the character from the ground up.

The fact that you need to reinvent the character from the ground up can be somewhat annoying when performing multiple respecs. Also, there have been many reports that the Respec Mod does not accurately calculate the amount of additional attribute points which are gained at various points in the game. Still, the Respec Mod is much, much easier to use than the console, which can at times become frustrating, and the Respec Mod will work for most purposes.