The Redcliffe – Conner’s Demon Quest – A Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough

There are two different ways to fight the demon and three different paths. Your decision will naturally have a few effects too. You can just kill Conner to take the demon out with him. This will end up killing him though, and you are killing a little boy who just wanted to save his father…so yeah.

Dragon Age: Origins - Redcliffe - Deciding What to Do With Conner's Demon

If you didn’t kill Jowan (and I told you to keep him alive) then you can bring him up through the first conversation and he’ll explain the blood ritual. Isolode will give up her life to send a mage into the Fade to kill the demon there.

You can also call on the Mages to do the ritual instead and they won’t need a blood sacrifice. If you haven’t allied with the mages yet, then you can go ask for their help now. Nothing will change in the castle since the Demon is out of followers and they’ll keep Conner at a distance from everyone upstairs. If you allied with the templars, then this just isn’t an option. Note that this will play out the same as if you did the blood ritual. Isolode just won’t die.

Killing Conner is a straightforward way to do it. You can justify it to Alistair by saying it was your only real option and that he was doomed anyway. Your party won’t care. Killing Isolode to get into the fade will greatly anger Alistair (you’ll lose ten) even if he isn’t with you. Leliana doesn’t approve either naturally, although she isn’t as angry as Alistair. This is the path to get the blood mage specialization though, so keep that in mind. Doing the mage path will give you a little boost from Leliana and Wynne. Alistair will also give you a seven approval points back at camp through a heartfelt thanks, even if he wasn’t in the group.

The mage solution is the best option for everyone, but you’ll need to go do that quest and side with the mages.

The fight’s themselves are just different. I don’t think that either one is necessarily more difficult.

Fighting Conner

Dragon Age: Origins - Redcliffe - Killing Conner

Fighting Conner isn’t too tough. You need to move upstairs through the side room. The walking corpses up here will come back to life and attack you as you walk through, unless you already checked the vault like I told you to do. Go ahead and get a permanent save, and then walk into the room with Conner. He’ll accept the fact that he has to die and he can even try to resist the demon. After your conversation, the demon will take physical form and attack you.

The fight itself is simple and I found it easier than the fight with the revenant, although that might just be because of my build. The room is sealed off and the desire demon should be in the center. I had Sten and my warrior attack her while Morrigan hit her with Winter’s Grasp and Leliana backstabbed her. She lost health very fast. After she loses about a third of her health, she’ll warp out and summon some walking corpses to life in the room. Just hammer them like you usually would.

She’ll spawn again when they’re dead. Just gang up on her again. Watch your character’s health and drink a poultice if necessary. Your warriors should be able to pound her down to a third quickly. She’ll warp out again and bring up a few lesser rage demons. These guys aren’t too tough, so just have Morrigan knock one out while your warriors grind them down one at a time. You should be able to take a second to heal while she spawns, if you need it.

The last push shouldn’t be any more difficult. If you gang up on her again she should die. The only thing left is to actually kill Conner. You can say that you’ll try to get help if you want to try and take a high road. Isolode will hold her son and come to terms with the fact that he’s pretty much gone. She can kill him herself if you want. You can also demand to do it. It’s your call.

The Blood Ritual

You can only send one mage into the Fade. Now it can be your character, Morrigan, or Wynne (healer from the mage quest). It seems like Morrigan slightly disapproves of being drafted for the rescue mission, so keep that in mind. I pulled this off with Morrigan, for the record.

Regardless of who you pick, you’ll be in a blurry and odd world once the loading is done. It’s really hard to give directions too. You basically just have to wander forward, find Conner, and then go back through a fade portal. You should be fine. Walk along the path and hit the first portal. You should be able to find Conner. He’ll turn into the demon and attack you. This is a weak version though, so just hit her with a spell or two.

Dragon Age: Origins - Killing the Demon in the Fade

Move to the next portal and go through. You should find another version of Conner here. Just kill the demon when she spawns and then turn on her lesser rage demon. You can lay down paralyzing glyphs, if your mage knows the magic. That way the demon will be stunned as soon as she spawns. There’s just one more that spawns, and she’ll spawn two demons. After she dies, you can go through the portal to reach the end.

The demon should offer a trade to you. This will only happen if you sent your character through. Even Morrigan refuses to hear the demon’s offer. There’s not necessarily much of a benefit to a fight, so you might want to think about the deal. There’s not really a negative to it and this is the only way to get the blood mage specialization for your character.

If it comes to a fight, then be ready to fling a lot of spells and pop a lyrium potion. Besides a basic bolt spell, she uses Horror, Drain Life, and Spell Shield regularly. Just start your attack and fling some spells at her. Winter’s Grasp and Cone of Cold both froze her for me. Similar spells should have good effects. Just hit her a few times to grind her health down and get her to warp out.

She’ll spawn a bunch of copies around the circle. If you attack a copy, it will fade and restore her health. She can get a fair bit back if you hit all of them. You should be able to see the real version, because it will be surrounded by a bit of cone of light from where she teleported out. When you hit the real one, she’ll attack again. You should be able to rinse and repeat your spell series. She doesn’t seem to unleash too many attacks at this point, so you should be able to just focus on attacking.

After the second copying, she should get more defensive and use her shield spells more. Just keep plugging away and you should be able to kill her. Once she dies, you will return to the regular world and see the end.

The Aid of the Mages

Getting the aid of the mages requires you to complete the Broken Circle quest. You can do this now and have nothing negative happen in the quest while you’re gone. It’s the best way to do this one actually.

Dragon Age: Origins - Redcliffe - Irving Fighting the Desire Demon

It’s also the exact same as the blood ritual quest. You still go to the fade and have to fight the demon in the same manner. The big difference is that no one in Arl Eamon’s family dies and you have a few more options for mages. Since some nameless mages are doing the ritual itself, you can order Jowan or ask Irving to go through for you. You’ll have to persuade Irving that he owes it to you. I actually used Irving just because I didn’t have a combat build for Wynne and didn’t want to annoy Morrigan after I just repaired our relationship.

Irving’s pretty good and knows a lot of combat spells. Jowan’s a little lackluster, but he could work too. Just remember that neither one of them are gods. They will be roughly on par with your mages.


You’ll have to deal with the aftermath of your decision. Each one has a bit of a unique end. Bann Teagan or Isolode will point out that Eamon is still sick and we basically cut his life support system when we killed the demon. We really need to do the Ashes of the Sacred Urn quest. We’ll officially get this one added to our journal now, if you didn’t track it down before. If you already did the quest, then you’ll turn over the ashes now.

The castle is now secure. More important is that the village of Redcliffe functions now with a chantry board and Blackstone Irregulars representative.

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