Dragon Age Origins Rogue Class Guide: Ranger Specialization

Dragon Age Origins Rogue Class Guide: Ranger Specialization
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In Dragon Age Origins, the rogue character class can specialize in one of four different areas of expertise. The ranger specialization is the easiest one to get and it brings a lot of benefit to the party. The ranger has long been a staple of fantasy books and games, going all the way back to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings where the Strider character was considered a ranger. In this game, the main benefit of playing a ranger is that they can summon animals to them, which essentially brings in a fifth party member during combat.

How to Become a Ranger

The ranger is the easiest class to specialize in because the option is always available to you. All you have to do is go into your party camp and speak to the merchants there. They will have a training manual that you can purchase for 15 gold, and this will open up the ability to be a ranger the next time you level up. Just remember that you have to be a rogue in order to specialize in a ranger.

Ranger Benefits

Rangers gain a +1 to their constitution score and a +5 to their natural resistance.

Ranger Talents

In addition to the four sets of rogue talents, the ranger also gets their own tree with these four new talents. Each one of these talents summons a creature to aid you in combat, and can be quite useful for combat situations. A little extra help is never a bad thing.

Summon Wolf

  • Requirements: 7th Level

This talent lets you summon a wolf to help you’re your party in a fight. The wolf has the ability to howl in a way that affects the defensive ability of the enemies around it. This is great to use against a large group. It has a 60 second cool down time.

Summon Bear

  • Requirements: 8th Level

You summon a large bear to help with combat. Bears are great because of their ability to knock down an enemy with a critical hit. This actually puts the target flat on their back and leaves them vulnerable and unable to attack for a few seconds, which is always helpful. It has a 90 second cool down time.

Summon Spider

  • Requirements: 10th Level

Who wouldn’t want a giant spider that spits poison and throws webs on enemy units? The best thing about the web is that it incapacitates the enemy so that your party can stand back and pound them with arrows and spells and the enemy can’t do a thing about it. The poison is also great for taking down enemy hit points over a period of time. It has a 120 second cool down time.

Master Ranger

  • Requirements: 12th Level

The master ranger talent is an upgrade to the three previous talents. What it does is allow you to summon more powerful creatures with the other talents. For example, Summon Wolf brings up a blight wolf instead of a regular wolf, and Summon Bear brings up a great bear instead of a black bear. As you gain higher levels and face more formidable opponents, it helps to have more powerful allies to aid you in a fight.

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