Dragon Age Origins Duelist Specialization - Rogue Class Guide

Dragon Age Origins Duelist Specialization - Rogue Class Guide
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In Dragon Age Origins, the rogue character class can specialize in one of four different areas of expertise. A duelist is the type of rogue who puts their abilities to the test by using light armor and smaller weapons for precise attacks as opposed to just swinging a big sword at the enemy. This type of specialization is somewhat similar to the assassin, but the duelist is made mainly to fight out in the open instead of being sneaky. In a one-on-one fight, which does occasionally come up in this game, the duelist will have a clear advantage if they use their talents properly.

How to Become a Duelist

There is only one way to learn the duelist specialization, and that’s from a character named Isabela. She can be found in Denerim in a brothel called The Pearl, which is a place you’ll visit a couple of times to complete some missions. If you talk to her, she’ll give some hints about how she is a duelist, then you have two options for getting her to train you. The first is a simple card game where you must catch her trying to cheat. If your dexterity is high enough, you’ll catch her. Otherwise, you’ll have to seduce her to bed with you, then she’ll start talking. Having the Zevran character with you can also help your chances with Isabela, and will open up the opportunity to enjoy some interesting bedroom antics at The Pearl.

Duelist Benefits

Duelists gain a +2 to their dexterity score and a +1 to all damage done.

Duelist Talents


In addition to the four sets of rogue talents, duelists also get their own tree with these four new talents. As you can see, most of these require higher level characters, but it’s because these talents are so incredibly powerful. Each talent makes the duelist more effective in combat.


  • Requirements: 7th Level

This great talent adds a whopping +10 bonus to your attack and it also works for ranged weapons like a bow and arrow. It can also stack with other talents, which is incredibly nice to have. It has a 5 second cool down time.

Upset Balance

  • Requirements: 12th Level

Use this talent to trip up your opponent and force them to make a physical resistance check or have their speed reduced and defenses lowered. These type talents are always useful against larger enemies who need to be slowed down and weakened in a fight. It has a 15 second cool down time.

Keen Defense

  • Requirements: 14th Level

This is a great passive talent to have, meaning it is always active as soon as you gain it. With this, you get a permanent increase to your defensive abilities. You should learn this talent as soon as it comes available because you’ll benefit from it every time you get in a fight.

Pinpoint Strike

  • Requirements: 16th Level

This is one nasty talent to pull on enemies in combat. When it is activated, it makes every hit a critical hit. There is a 180 second cool down time on this one, so only use it on the most powerful opponents.

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