Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough – Lothering – Killing Bandits for the Chantry

The Refugees

You’ll run into these guys when you try to leave or when you try to carry out the Chantry Board quests. They’re just a small group of armed refugees waiting to ambush you. They aren’t that tough and you should be able to cut through them quickly. Just make sure that Morrigan keeps using her spells while you and Alistair cut a bloody path.

Chantry Board – Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere

You should have picked this one up from the Chantry Board while you were over there. There are 3 mercenary groups acting as raiders to the north. We need to kill them. Let’s start with the one on the left. It goes without saying that you should save a lot, since they are a tough group.

Dragon Age: Origins - Mercenary Groups and Bandits in Lothering

Go past the group of refugees and near the access point to the imperial highway. You should be able to spot the armed group off in the distance. Charge them and have a warrior keep the archers pinned. There should be 2 or 3. Another should probably kill the Mabari they have with them. Leliana can use dirty fighting and a few of her spells to generally harass them. Morrigan’s spells do insane amounts of damage and her mind blast can stun the entire mercenary group if she’s near the center. She can also turn into a giant spider and generally cause a lot of damage in this setting. So tough it out and have fun.

If someone gets killed, then just wait until after the battle and check their injury. We’ll be in our camp soon enough, so if it’s not something crucial, leave it alone.

The second group is in the giant wheat field to the right. It’s actually pretty close to Sten’s cage. There should be 3 archers along with the bandits. Just rinse and repeat the tactics from last time. Have someone occupy the archers while the rest pick away at the main force.

The 3rd group is the toughest and holds their leader. It’s just a bit past the first group. They’re around a little hillside by the river. You can just follow the river west if you want. The big difference for this group is that the bandit leader is a really strong fighter. You’ll need to focus your stun attacks on him while someone works on the bandits with him. It’s possible this one will actually be the easiest fight, if you manage to keep the warrior group distracted or pinned.

Once they’re all dead, you can go back and claim the 3 sovereign reward from the chanter.


You can pick up Sten at any point in Lothering. Once you’ve talked to him in the cage, you can take a plan to get him into your party. There are a lot of ways to get him. You can pick the lock on his cage door to get him out. No one should care, but you don’t have to do it. You can also just talk to the Revered Mother. I actually put this here in the walkthrough because you should be back at the chantry for your reward on Bandits, Bandits, Everywhere.

Dragon Age: Origins - Sten's Cage

You can use persuasion on the Revered Mother to convince her to let Sten join your group for atonement. It’s easier if you donated more in the beginning. You can also use intimidations on the Revered Mother. Morrigan finds it funny and you’ll get a boost to your approval. Alistair is completely shocked by this though and you’ll lose about 20 points with him. Save yourself the trouble and just bring Leliana with you. She’ll vouch for you with the Revered Mother and you’ll get the key to Sten’s cage with no penalties.

Just head back and set him free to add him to your party.

The Blackstone Irregulars – Scraping the Barrel

Since we’re already by the Chantry, we should also take care of the Blackstone Irregulars quest. These will actually get their own guide, but we really need to do this one now. If you looked at the quests when I told you to in the tavern, you should have noticed that one of the men you need to hand a letter of conscription is in Lothering. Walk into the Chantry and talk to Patter. He should be standing right outside the Revered Mother’s office. Talk to him and hand him the letter to wrap up our business in Lothering, since we won’t be able to wrap it up later.

Chantry Board – A Last Keepsake

This one is only on the board after you take care of the bandits.

Dragon Age: Origins - Wolf Pack in Lothering

This one isn’t too bad. You can get this one from the Chantry Board along with the bear attack one. Just move out into the center of the fields and charge the massive wolf pack. There are about a dozen of them out here. There isn’t a trick to this. Morrigan’s mind blast is really useful and her spells can easily kill a wolf. The rest boils down to letting your fighters carve through them. Once they’re dead, you can loot the bodies and inspect the mother’s body for her keepsake.

Turn this in to the chanter for 50 silvers.

Chantry Board – When Bears Attack

This is a quick and easy task, especially compared to fighting the bandits earlier. It’s only on the board once you kill them though.

You can walk to the north and make it to the river to find the 3 bears that killed the family. Just charge right in and attack. Morrigan and Leliana can stun them easily and Alistair can do a fair bit of damage. Between all of your people, you shouldn’t have any trouble killing them. Once they’re dead, you can go back to the Chantry Board and collect a soverign for your reward.

Leaving Lothering

Once you’ve recruited Leliana and Sten, done the Blackstone Irregulars quest, run through the 3 Chantry Board quests, and done the easy fetch quests, you’re ready to leave.

To exit, you have to walk out and get onto the next section of the imperial highway on the far side of town. A group of darkspawn is attacking 2 dwarves though. Help them out for a quick refresher on darkspawn combat. You can focus on the alpha hurlock in the center. Make sure Morrigan uses Mind Blast, then focus on keeping the big guy stunned with shield pummels and dirty fighting. You shouldn’t have trouble with the gemlocks once the few big guys are dead.

Talk to the dwarves and be nice to them. They’ll move on up to our camp and act as a reliable merchant and enchanter for the rest of the game.

With that taken care of, you can move down the highway and exit Lothering. You’ll get to spend a little time in camp and get to know your allies.

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