Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Human Origin Story

Dragon Age: Origins Walkthrough - Human Origin Story
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Father’s Task and Your Dog

We have a quick task to take care of before things really start up. After you finish your conversation and meet Duncan, you are free to wander for a little bit. You can only really talk to Howe in here though. Head on out through the side door and you should meet up with an old friend and learn about the big perk to picking Human. You’ll start off with a Mabari Hound, instead of getting one in about an hour through a side quest.

Ser Gilmore joins up with you and gives you the next quest. We should probably get our dog out of the larder first. Head a few paces down the road and get into the kitchen. Approach the startled group and talk to your old Nan. Then just head into the larder to find your dog. It seems like there’s some vermin in the larder. Help your dog and Gilmore do an absurd amount of overkill on the giant rats in here. Feel free to raid the sack and the rack in here for some minor loot.

Before you commit to anything, feel free to explore a bit more. There’s a library and a chapel to visit for some more loot. You can also check the guard post to get your bearings for the next part.

Go up to the Atrium and meet your mother and her guests. Once you’re done socializng, move on past her to get to the quarters. Fergus' room is in the building on the end of the path. Head on inside to meet your brother and give him the message and finish up this little series of events.

A Little Rebellion

Well, it’s time for the real fighting. It seems like Howe has decided to make a little grab for power. Open up your inventory and equip yourself. You shouldn’t have any of your equipment on, since you were sleeping. Go ahead and attack the 2 soldiers at your door. Be careful about rushing out into the hall. Another 2 will join the attack. Remember to use your skills and you’ll be fine. Your Mabari will do quite a bit of damage too.

Once they’re dead, your mother will come out. Go ahead and add her to your party. Go into her room before you go. Some of your father’s gear is in the trunk and the chest. We might as well grab it. Your mother is also unarmed, so give her a weapon. I gave her the longbow, but she seems pretty versatile. You’ll need to be able to pick locks to get the chest open though. Remember to loot the bodies outside and then open the door to Fergus' room. It seems like they weren’t big on mercy. Before you head out, check your room for a health potion and a trap in the chest by the door.

Go on out and confront the 4 soldiers here. Ignore the 2 archers and focus on killing the 2 swordsmen. Then chase down the archers. Loot the bodies and check the guest rooms. It seems that they didn’t survive either. If you can pick the chests, then do it. Otherwise move out of the building.

The Treasury

We need to fight our way to the treasury next, so move on down the ramp until a servant stops you. You should be able to persuade him to stand his ground if you have a point in coercion. He’s a pretty good fighter actually and he comes in handy. Help him out and kill the soldier and the archer. Then push toward the dining room on the side. We might as well clear it out for some experience. Get inside and start slashing. There are a lot of soldiers, but they aren’t that strong. Focus on the Mabari first, then just start cutting through the soldiers. Finish off the last few archers and loot the bodies. There’s also a locked chest on the wall.

Another 3 are waiting for you on the way out. Kill them and push again. There’s another large group coming. It’s the same as the dining room though. Kill the Mabari and then work on the soldiers and archers. Go down the road and past the main hall. Walk over to the guard post and the treasury. Go inside and use the key to get to the family chest. Grab the family sword and shield. You should probably equip them, if you’re a swordsman. There’s also some scale armor on the armor rack and a few more weapons on the weapon rack. Equip yourself and kill a few more guys in the street to get back to the main hall.

Breaking Out

Dragon Age: Origins - Gilmore’s Big Battle

Gilmore and a few guards are already engaged, so help them out.

You can either take on the soldiers or rush the mage by the doors. Taking out the mage may be the best help, since there’s more than enough allied soldiers to tie up the melee fighters. Talk to Gilmore to learn the situation.

Gilmore and his men will stay to hold the gate. We need to go out the other side to get out. Go ahead and help the guard kill the 2 soldiers. Then backtrack and move up the ramp. This is probably the first tough fight. There’s an actual knight here, so take him out first. Focus your abilities on him to keep him stunned, and then focus on him. The rest will fall easily. If worse comes to worse, your Mabari will probably survive and finish him off.

Get into the pantry to find your wounded father and see the big scene. It looks like we’re on our own from now on. From this point onward, we’re officially on the main quest line.

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