Dragon Age: Origins: Codes, Console Commands and Console Activation

Dragon Age: Origins: Codes, Console Commands and Console Activation
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Enabling the Developer Console

Enabling the console in DA can seem a long process, and some users have been unable to get the console to show. Just be sure to follow the instructions to the letter and everything should work fine, including displaying what you type in the console.

First create a shortcut to “Daorigins.exe,” usually located in “C:\Program Files\Dragon Age\bin_ship.” (Directory/drive letter may be different.)

Right-click on this shortcut and select “Properties.” In the “Target” section, after the quotes, type “-enabledeveloperconsole” making sure there is a single-space between the last quote and the typed text.

Download the font “Fonts.erf” so the text you type shows up, otherwise it doesn’t and you won’t see possible typos. Place the font in “My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Packages\Core\Data”

Navigate to “My Documents\Bioware\Dragon Age\Settings” and click on “KeyBindings.ini.” Find the entry “OpenConsole_0=” and after equal copy/paste “Control + Keyboard::Button_C” which sets your console to open when you hit CTRL + C in-game.

Launch your newly created shortcut and everything will work fine, so you can begin typing some cheat codes for “Dragon Age: Origins.”

General Commands

Most commands use the “runscript” function and, as usual, you can have lots of fun with various effects. Here are some popular runscripts:

runscript addxp X – Add the required XP to level or more, where “X” is substituted for the amount of XP you want to add. You can level this way and avoid using the Skill cheats.

runscript healplayer – Heals both player and party members, including mana pool.

runscript killallhostiles – Kills every critter/hostile you see in front of you

runscript pc_immortal – God-mode cheat, always useful.

runscript zz_money X – Adds “X” amount of copper coins, where 1000 copper coins equal to one silver and 10,000 equal to one gold.

runscript zz_addparty NPCname – Add a party member to your existing party. You can substitute “NPCname” for: Alistair, Dog, Morrigan, Wynne, Shale, Sten, Zevran Oghren or Leliana.

runscript wizard, rogue, warrior XX – Just choose one (i.e. rogue) and substitute “XX” for the level you want your character to be

runscript zz_reveal_map – Reveals the current map

runscript zz_upgrade – Opens up the enchantment menu, you still need the gear though.

Character and Skill/Talent Commands


These are codes which alter your character’s appearance, add skills or talents.

runscript roguex #, warriorx #, wizardx #, dogx #, shale # - Will turn your character into any of these. Only use one and substitute the “#” for the desired level.

runscript addtalent # - As the name implies add any talent or skill which your character does not have. Substitute “#” for the talent-id. Interesting ones include: 100004 Device Mastery, 100078 Master Stealth, 100077 Combat Stealth, 402003 Rain of Arrows, 10211 Chain Lightning, 11101 Curse of Mortality, 11110 Mass Paralysis.

For a full list of ID’s refer to the DA: Origins Wiki page (bottom of the page).

Commands that Alter Appearance

Player Character Turns into Stole Golem

With this command, followed by a number, you can turn your character into any monster or creature you want. These characters or creatures may spoil your game, like any other cheat, since you may have not encountered them yet in normal play. ABe sure to save your game before-hand.

runscript appearance X – Where “X” is the number-ID for the creature you want to turn into. Some possibilities are:

Stone Golem (number 6)

Steel Golem (number 7)

Werewolf (number 22)

Ash-Wraith (number 32)

Dragon (number 4)

High-Dragon (number 66)

Dragon Drake (number 80)

A girl, human (number 67)

If you aren’t happy with your current form just type “-1” in the value and you’ll return to being good old you. For a more comprehensive list of “Dragon Age: Origins” codes, ID’s and console commands visit the Wiki page above.

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