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Dragon Age Brothers and Sons - Getting Started

In order to begin the Dragon Age Brothers and Sons side-quest, you’ll need to head over to Redcliffe Village. Once there, seek out the Chantry Board – like all Chantry Boards, it can be found outside a Chantry.

Search the menu that comes up for a quest called “Brothers and Sons”. Said listing will explain to you that a group of conscripts from “Company Easthill” has gone missing, and that they need to be found. Of course, you’ll want to accept this quest – so do so.

The Battlefield

Once you’ve accepted the quest, a new area on the World Map should appear called “Battlefield”. Battlefield is the location you’ll need to go to.


Once you’ve reached the Battlefield you’ll be greeted with bloody corpses everywhere. It immediately becomes apparent that Company Easthill’s mission didn’t go according to plan. What you’ll need to do now is begin searching the corpses for some sort of explanation – a Journal of sorts that explains what happened.

Said journal can be found on the first bloody corpse you’ll see upon entering the area. The problem is, once you’ve picked up the journal, you won’t be able to go back the way you came from; you’ll need to continue forward.

That is where this simple side-quest turns into an all-out battle.

Battle On The Battlefield

As you continue forward to the exit – and I mean literally a few steps after picking up the dead soldier’s Journal – a pack of wolves will begin charging towards you from the front. If you have Morrigan in your party, and have the right abilities, you’ll be able to freeze the wolves for several seconds with “Cone of Cold” while your Warriors and/or Rogues have at them.

Once they’re taken out, proceed forward. Another pack of wolves will appear. This time there are more (normally around 7) and, in some cases, the wolves will be coming in three different directions. This, of course, will be much trickier than the first wave.


However, the wolves only appear once you’re standing close to bags that can be looted, so you’ll be able to prepare yourself. Be sure to follow a similar tactic as the first wave; make the mage(s) in your party use area spells (Cone of Cold being the most recommended). If you don’t have any mages in your party, or they don’t have such spells, then you should make any Rogue in your party go into stealth mode, lure the wolves with a Warrior and while the Warrior(s) is engaged with the wolves the Rogue can come up behind them to deal massive damage and stun. Mages could also use Mind Blast to stun the whole pack.

Once they’re taken care of, once again proceed. As you’ve most probably guessed, it’s not over yet. The next enemy you will encounter is a huge bear. What you’ll need to do for this part is, whenever possible, use a spell or ability that will stun the bear. You will need to be patient as it does have a lot of health; repeat the stunning process until it’s dead while ensuring that your companions don’t fall in battle.

Quest Complete

Now that you’ve done what the quest has told you to do, all that remains is for you to claim your reward. As with all Chantry Board quests, you’ll need to head back to the Board in Redcliffe. There will be a Chantry representative to the left of the Board, speak to her and she will give you your reward; the reward being 3 Gold Coins.

All screenshots and references are from Dragon Age: Origins.

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