Dragon Age: Origins Crime Wave Walkthrough - Denerim walkthrough

Dragon Age: Origins Crime Wave Walkthrough - Denerim walkthrough
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Introduction to the Dragon Age: Origins Crime Wave Quest

Slim Couldry (Image from Dragon Age: Origins Wikia https://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Age:_Origins)

During your visit to the city of Denerim, you might be approached by a shady individual by the name of Slim Couldry, who has information about a series of jobs that might be of interest to the character.

These jobs form the basis of the Dragon Age: Origins side-quest, called ‘Crimewave’ and is completely optional to perform. However, the rewards and experience for doing the jobs and so completing the quest make undertaking the quest worthwhile.

Slim Couldry is found in the Market district, next to Goldanna’s house but will only appear if the character has purchased at least one rank in stealth and/or stealing. If the character has only the stealth skill then only the burglary elements of the quest will be available; if the charater has only the stealing skill, both the burglary and thieving jobs will be available, and these can be completed using companions’ skills.

After some dialogue with the character, Slim will reveal he has some jobs available which might be of interest to the character. Slim is something of a Robin Hood figure, stealing from the rich to give back to the less affluent citizens of Denerim.

If the character accepts the quest and the jobs that go with it, they will have to pay Slim for his information. However, in return for payment Slim will allow the character to keep any booty they find for themselves.

Thievery Quests: Lady’s Maid

The first thievery quest is a simple one, and will cost the character 50 silver coins to obtain. The quest involves finding and stealing from Lady’s maid, and she can be found in the market square, standing next to the merchant, Cesar.

To complete this quest, simply approach her and confirm that you want to steal from her. You will steal a bag of gems that she is carrying, as well as acquiring some gold coins. The gems that you steal can be sold to any of the traders for additional coin.

Thievery Quests: Ser Nancine

Dragon Age: Origins - Crime Wave Thievery Quest #2 - Ser Nancine (Screenshot from Game Pressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/dragonageorigins)

The second thievery quest in the Crime Wave quest involves the character locating Ser Nancine and stealing her ornamental sword. The job will cost one gold coin to acquire from Slim, and is a little trickier than the Lady’s Maid quest but still relatively straightforward to complete.

Ser Nancine can be found in the Wonders of Thedas magic shop, which is also in the market district.

Enter the Wonders of Thedas shot and proceed to the back of the store, where you’ll find Landy Nancine - the target of this quest. Nancine is a Denerim knight but has contracted an illness and feels unwell, which you will discover during dialogue.

The ornamental sword can be obtained in one of several methods:

  • Use the stealing option during dialogue – if you do this, make sure you have a good pickpocket skill. You can also use camouflage.
  • Use persuasion to try to convince her you are a store employee, and ask her to try on a dress. If you succeed, Nancine will remove her armour - dropping the sword in the process - which you will then be able to steal.
  • Use herbalism to try to convince her that she needs to be examined. If successful, she will remove her armour and you can then sell her a remedy for 2 gold coins. You’ll also be able to take the sword.
  • You can also use the poison skill to sell her a sleeping potion – or an actual poision potion if you are feeling particularly evil – for 50 silver coins.
  • Using coercion, you can talk Nancine into hyperventilating, causing her to pass out. The sword will then be free to steal, but you won’t receive any coin reward as a result.

There is nothing remarkable about the sword, and it cannot be equipped or used by the character; so once you’ve obtained it, you might as well sell it for a few coins.

Thievery Quests: Master Tilver

Dragon Age: Origins - Crime Wave Thievery Quest #3 - Master Tilver (Screenshot from Game Pressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/dragonageorigins)

The third thievery quest involves relieving Master Tilver of his key. The job costs 3 gold coins to acquire from Slim, and Master Tilver can be found in an alley near to the market place.

Tilver is guarded, so you will need to sneak past his guards or engage them in dialogue, in the hope of talking your way past them. An alternative is to pay a nearby messenger boy 10 silver coins to distract the guards. Whichever way you use to get past the guards, once they are out of the way; engage Tilver in conversation and steal the key when prompted.

The key opens two locked chests which can be found in the central area of the market square. The chests will contain five gold coins, an assortment of gems, an engraved silver bowl and a silver chalice. Both the bowl and the chalice have no purpose, so can be sold at a merchant for additional coin.

Thievery Quests: Stealing the Crown

This quest is the fourth of the thievery series of sub-quests that make up the Crime Wave quest, and it involves stealing a crown from Teryn Loghain’s seneschal. The job will set your character back 6 gold coins.

You’ll find the seneschal in the Gnawed Noble tavern, which is located in the Market district. The seneschal is in a side-room, and his guards will stop you when you try to enter – camouflage doesn’t work, so you can’t sneak past them; meaning you will either have to fight them, or intimidate them to let you through.

Or you could pay the waitresses to incapacitate the guards by getting them to take over more drinks to their table. If you have a high enough poision skill you can also spike the drinks.

Once past the guards, you can intimidate the seneschal to hand over the crown, or use camouflage to sneak in and steal it. The seneschal puts up little resistance, so once you have the crown you can either kill him, or let him go.

Note: Depending on how you obtain the crown from the Seneschal, you can also get a second crown by using the other method of obtaining it. That is, if you obtain the first crown by intimidation, you can gain a second crown by pick-pocketing the Seneschal, and vice-versa.

Burglary Quests: The Absent Mistress

The Absent Mistress is the first of the Crime Wave burglary quests, and will cost the character one gold coin to get the job from Slim Couldry. The quest is an easy one, and involves visiting the chamber of the unseen Lady Sophie in the Gnawed Noble Tavern.

The door to her chamber is locked, but once opened (use thieving skills to break the lock) the character will find no-one in the room, making for some easy pickings. Searching the room will turn up some Deep Mushroom, a diamond, a silk carpet and two gold coins. The diamond and carpet can be sold for additional coin.

This job can be completed before you receive it from Slim, and if this is the case, Slim will refund you the gold coin he charged you to tell you about the mission.

Burglary Quests: A Fistful of Silver

Dragon Age: Origins - Crime Wave Burglary Quest #2 - A Fistful of Silver (Screenshot from Game Pressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/dragonageorigins)

This quest takes place in the warehouse, just past the Wonders of Thedas magic shop. It costs four gold coins to obtain.

Once at the warehouse, the character will face a battle with Arl Howe’s men. The Arl is using the warehouse to store silver and Howe’s men don’t take kindly to your character’s intervention.

You can’t escape the combat, as it starts automatically once you have entered the warehouse. After the battle, search the crates to find six silver bars. Each of Howe’s men will also yield one golf coin and fifty silver coins each, so the battle offers up some good reward.

Burglary Quests: The Private Collector

This quest costs ten gold coins to obtain from Slim at will take the character to Bann Franaderel’s Manor, which will appear on the Denerim city map once activated.

When you arrive at the manor, head south then west – stopping to investigate the armoury on the way. You’ll encounter little resistance, but once you’ve reached the treasure vault you will find it empty, and you’ll soon realise that you’ve walked into a trap.

Make your way back out of the manor via the same route you came in – you’ll face several combats on your way, including mages and the occasional trap. Once you have escaped, head back to Slim and talk to him. He will apologise for putting your life in danger and will give you back the coins he took, promising he will make up for the mistake later.

Burglary Quests: The Tears of Andraste

Dragon Age: Origins - Crime Wave Burglary Quest #4 - Tears of Andraste (Screenshot from Game Pressure - https://guides.gamepressure.com/dragonageorigins)

This is the final job in the Crime Wave quest, and is only available after completing the Landsmeet, and before you begin the final battle quest.

Return to Denerim market district and find Slim. He’ll tell you about the Tears of Andraste, and if you accept the quest you’ll head back to Bann Franderel’s manor. This time, however, you’ll enter the manor from another location.

As you explore the manor, you will encounter several battles with the first one occurring where the corridors meet in a cross-roads. Make sure you investigate all the rooms as there are a lot of valuables lying around.

Find and kill the mercenary captain, and loot his body. You’ll find a key which can be used to open a nearby door. Move through the corridor, killing enemies along the way. There will be an armoury nearby that you can loot, but be prepared for a big battle if you do!

You’ll eventually arrive into the area where you explored during The Private Collector quest. Proceed until you find yourself in the wine cellar, and click on the cabinet found in the northern section to trigger a secret door.

Go through the door, but be careful of the traps. If you trigger any of the traps, then the golems will animate and attack. From here, move into the storage room and search the chests. You’ll find the Tears of Andraste, as well as a blessed hammer and some gold coins. Collect the treasure, then head back to the exit – you can use the exit you used in The Private Collector quest – and return to Slim.

From here, you can either give Slim the Tears to return to the Chantry, give the Tears back yourself, or keep them.

And that’s it! The Crime Wave quest is complete.

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