Dragon Age 2 Warrior Talent Tree

Dragon Age 2 Warrior Talent Tree
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The Dragon Age Warrior

Like every fantasy role playing video game, the warrior class is present in Dragon Age 2. The warrior class is the basic sword and shield fighting style where characters charge headlong into battle using their raw strength and skill to overcome battles in physical matches. The Dragon Age 2 warrior talent tree has six skill sets that increase the power and skills of the warrior in some way.

Two Handed

The two handed skill focuses on increasing the character’s ability to wield massive weapons in the heat of battle. Skills found in the Two handed tree of the Dragon Age 2 warrior talent tree focus on inflicting massive amounts of damage to groups of enemies. Two handed weapons are designed to attack multiple enemies at once, thus allowing warriors to be the focus of all nearby enemies aggression towards them.

Weapon and Shield

Weapon and Shield Skill Tree

The weapon and shield style of fighting focuses on both defense and offense. With the additional defense granted by the shield, warriors are better able to fight large numbers of enemies at once with a slimmer chance of incurring large injuries. Skills found in the weapon and shied skill tree allows soldiers to be one with their shield using it as both a protection and a weapon.


Vanguard Skill Tree

The Vanguard skill set relies on inflicting damage to prevent incurring injuries. Vanguards use precision as well as raw strength to destroy enemies before they are able to damage the warrior or the companions of the warriors.


Defender Skill Tree

The Defender relies on holding firm while large numbers of enemies are bearing down upon them. Enemies that attempt to fight the defender find that they are severely outmatched by the defender’s ability to take a hit and keep on moving. The Dragon Age warrior skill of the Defender is a powerfully defensive posture that allows a warrior to hold off dozens of enemies at once, allowing the other members of a party to do the bulk of the damage.


Battlemaster Skill Tree

The Battlemaster talent focuses on a solo-fighting to destroy enemies while on his own. Battlemasters frequently find themselves without allies when in the midst of battle due to their acute knack for fighting on their own. Their ability set complements this, allowing the battlemaster to adapt to any situation. Furthermore, battlemasters can increase their party’s ability to hold firm in the midst of a larger battle by providing various ability boosters, even during the most grim situations.


Warmonger Skill Tree

The Warmonger fights by calling attention away from his allies resulting in enemies warring directly against him, allowing his allies to aid him from behind. Warmongers control enemies by angering, taunting and berating them in the heat of combat. In doing this, warmongers can control the battlefield.

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