Dragon Age 2 Mage Talent Tree

Dragon Age 2 Mage Talent Tree
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Concerning Mages

In Dragon Age II, mages are a powerful occupation that is only given to characters of certain origins. Dragon Age 2 Mage talent trees focus around six major skill sets, each with its own set of spells and upgrades which can be mixed and matched to customize player’s mages to fit absolutely every situation.


Elemental magic deals with the forces of fire and ice. The elemental spells in the Dragon Age 2 mage talent tree are primarily geared towards offensive blasts and debilitating frost strikes that slow enemies. Though elemental magic is a new skill tree not present in Dragon Age: Origins, it contains many of the spells previously fund in the Primal category, which, in Dragon Age 2, now has its own set of spells.


Primal Skill Tree

A recurring magical school from Dragon Age: Origins, the Dragon Age 2 mage skills for the primal tree are reminiscent of those found in its predecessor. Primal magic commands the earth and sky to benefit the caster during battle. The skills in the Primal tree are both offensive and defensive, both aiding the caster’s attacking prowess as well as their ability to take damage while in the fray. This is the perfect school for those who like to stand toe to toe with their foes rather than casting from afar.


Spirit Skill Tree

Spirit magic taps into the magic of the Fade to increase magical power and rattle enemies to their very cores. Though most of the magic found in the Spirit tree of Dragon Age 2 mage skills is not strictly offensive, it has many attributes that can help casters in the heat of battle by debilitating foes and dispelling their magics.


Arcane magic deals closely with the dream world, the Fade to defend the caster and all of his charges with pure magical force. Spells in the arcane spell tree are not offensive at all, in fact, they do little to harm enemies. Arcane energies, rather, focus on protecting the caster even more diligently than spirit magic. While spirit magic deals with defense in a more healing-related manner, arcane magic uses force of will to protect the caster from physical harm.

Arcane Skill Tree


Creation Skill Tree

The quintessential healing spell tree, creation magic deals with the supernatural knitting of flesh in the heat of battle to prolong the lives of those fighting alongside the caster. Any good role playing game has a healing class to allow the more combat-based characters to carry out their intended purpose, in Dragon Age 2, creation magic does just that. Along with healing, creation magic also increases the natural attributes of characters, allowing them to push their own physical limits while in battle.


Entropy Skill Tree

One of the darker forms of magic in Dragon Age 2, Entropy deals with handling the chaotic forces of the Fade and submitting their victims to the horrors found therein. Entropy can place enemies in a dreadful nightmare or cause them to forget why they are fighting. The idea of Entropy is to debilitate and incapacitate foes long enough for the more physical characters of a party to do their work.

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