Dragon Age 2 Rogue Abilities

Dragon Age 2 Rogue Abilities
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Rogue Basics

As in its award winning predecessor, Dragon Age II offers players a chance to choose from one of three major classes for their main character to be. One of these classes is the Rogue, a classic fantasy-genre rogue that specilizes in subtefuge, backstabbing and generally unsportsmen-like behavior in the midst of battle. Dragon Age II rogue talents emphasize this stereotpe with the different skill sets that come along with the class. These skill sets can easily be defined and categorized into five major sections.


Archer Rogue

Archery is the art of ranged combat in Dragon Age II. The abilities found in the Archery skill tree are specific to assisting and boosting archer’s ability to fight at a range. Skills such as sabotaging and picking off targets from a range are the specialty of Archers. An Archer’s major Dragon Age 2 rogue talents consist of four major skills.

  • Pinning Shot- This ability causes the archer to fire an arrow that has the ability to stun an opponent for a short period of time. This skill can be enhanced by several upgrades.
  • Bursting Arrow- An explosive arrow with concussive force, the bursting arrow can also cause some fire damage to those that suffer its tip. Enemies can also be knocked down for a short period of time.
  • Hail of Arrows- Something of a volley, the Hail of Arrows causes arrows to rain from above damaging all enemies that are in the area of effect. However, the damage is slightly less than a normal shot.
  • Archer’s Lance- The power-shot of an archer, the Archer’s Lance blasts through enemy defense causing critical damage to any enemy that is in its path.

Duel Weapons

Twin Bladed Rogue

Wielding two weapons has been limited in Dragon Age II so that only rogue characters may excel at fighting with a weapon in both hands. Duel Weapons consist of five major abilities.

  • Backstab- with a smoke-bomb-like ability the rogue appears behind the enemy and strikes in the back.
  • Unforgiving Chain- This ability helps increase the rogue’s ability to strike critically.
  • Explosive Strike- The explosive strike ability causes a great range of damage to occur based on the combo that the rogue just executed.
  • Lacerate- This ability causes the rogue to be able to inflict bleeding damage on enemies that are struck while it is active.
  • Twin Fangs- This ability causes the rogue to lash out with both blades at once.


The Dragon Age 2 rogue skill of Sabotage specializes in undermining the abilities and strength of enemies. The sabotage skill tree consists of four major abilities.

  • Miasmic Flask- This ability consists of the rogue throwing a flask-bomb at enemies, stunning them for a brief period of time.
  • Rush- Just as the ability sounds, Rush involves charging at enemies, scattering them and knocking the weaker ones of the group over.
  • Fatiguing Fog- With ninja-esque trinkets, the saboteur throws a pellet of smoke to ground, slowing nearby enemies down.
  • Confusion- With cunning and trickery, the saboteur tricks nearby enemies to fight amongst themselves.


The four abilities in the specialist skill tree are slightly different than others for the rogue in that they are modes that can be activated and sustained for brief periods of time to enhance the abilities of the rogue that uses them.

  • Precision- Precision causes the specialist to focus on accuracy for a period of time so that fewer strikes are landed, but they do more damage.
  • Speed- When speed is active, the rogue focuses on striking fast rather than striking hard.
  • Power- When power is active, the rogue speeds more fatigue to blast opponents with powerful strikes, not relying on speed or accuracy; only pure power.
  • Harmony- Harmony increases the effectiveness of precision, speed and power as well as granting additional bonuses from the two not in use when one is in use.


Quick Rogue in action

The Scoundrel specializes in discovering the weakness of enemies and using them to the rogue’s advantage.

  • Back-to-Back- The rogue disappears and reappears and a struggling ally’s side.
  • Armistice- The scoundrel tricks a ground of enemies, luring them away from a struggling ally.
  • Blindside- The rogue gains a bonus in attacking enemies while they are not focuses on him.
  • Twist the Knife- This ability causes the rogue inflicts massive critical hits when enemies are stunned.
  • Follow Through- This ability allows the rogue to be more fluid in his attacks, making chains much easier.
  • Goad- A more insidious ability in which the rogue causes all enemies in an area to attack a different member of the party.
  • Brand- This ability marks an enemy, revealing weaknesses to other party members so that they too may exploit weaknesses.


Rogues use quickness.

The subterfuge rogue specializes in using trickery to fool enemies and gain the upper hand in more difficult battles.

  • Evade- This ability causes the rogue to leap backwards, causing enemies to become confused and seek easier targets.
  • Stealth- Stealth allows the rogue to disappear from the untrained eye and seek clear targets, allowing the rogue to re-position.
  • Ambush- This ability gives the rogue a special chance for a critical hit while he is in stealth mode.
  • Lingering Shroud- This ability allows the rogue to use other abilities freely while in stealth mode.
  • Subtlety- The rogue is an unthreatening being that enemies will not frequently attack while on the battlefield.
  • Chameleon’s Breath- This ability consists of the rogue throwing a flask of fluid which clouds an area in a dense fog.

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