Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Herbalist's Tasks - Act 2

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Herbalist's Tasks - Act 2
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Solivitus Needs Help

This is actually a little bit easier than the first Herbalist’s Task quest in Act 1. You don’t have to do any unique combat for this one. Just like last time, you need to go to Solivitus at the Gallows and get the new shopping list from him. He’s still over in the little alcove by his market stand. Talk to him and agree to do a little more work, and he’ll hand over his shopping list.

Harlot’s Blush Flower

The first item is a special flower that can only be found on the Wounded Coast. Surprisingly, there isn’t any battle or unique quest for this one. You just need to go to the Wounded Coast and walk along the main road until you get to the back. You might run into some raiders on the coast, but that should be totally random and not too difficult.

The Harlot’s Blush flower is right next to the entrance to the Wounded Coast cave. This is the one where you fought the Tal-Voshoth in “Blackpowder Promise” and the one where you’ll find the mage and bounty hunters in “Search and Rescue.” Just walk up the path, past the merchant and then pick up the blue flower outside of the cave. It’s fairly easy to spot since it stands out against the grass quite well. Just grab it and you should get a note

Dalish Tattoo Ink

The Dalish tattoo ink is a closely guarded secret. You can talk to Master Ilen at the Dalish camp on Sundermount, but he’ll just be shocked that you’d even dare to ask about buying it. This closely guarded secret can only be yours…if you take it out of the unguarded chest. I’m guessing that the writer decided to just skip the quest with this one. That just makes it a little bit easier for us though. There’s a chest near the entrance of the Dalish camp. Look in it to find the Dalish tattoo ink that you need. Take it to get a new notification about the quest.

The Varterral Heart

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - The Vaterral Heart

The Varterral Heart can only be found during Merril’s companion quest, “Mirror Image.” Just remember to grab it from the dead Varterral. You can’t really miss it. If you forgot to grab it during the quest, then it should actually still be down there. Just walk back into the hunting grounds and take the long uneventful path down to it.

Once you’ve got this, you should be able to head back to Solivitus.

Turn in all of the herbal ingredients to Solivitus to get 3 sovereigns in return.


All screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough of Dragon Age 2.