Dragon Age 2 Guide - Hometown Breed - Killing the Dog Lords

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Hometown Breed - Killing the Dog Lords
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Hunting the Dog Lords

You can get Hometown Breed by wandering around Lowtown for a bit in the Second Act. If you go to the usual large and open areas, you’ll probably find some of the “Dog Lords.” This odd gang will have a fairly simple mix. There will be dogs and basic grunts with two waves of reinforcements joining the fight.

For the most part, the grunts and dogs will be quite easy to kill. The only dangerous humans are the ones that stand at the edges with bows. They can do a surprising amount of damage and they can often wear away at your mages and ranged fighters over the course of the fight. Someone needs to focus on picking them off so that your party will survive.

The dogs aren’t actually that bad, especially since a tank should be able to easily draw them in and away from the rest. They are fairly weak, so crowd control will take out a large number of them.

In general, a warrior heavy party shouldn’t have any trouble.

Note that if you get any injuries in the fight, it’s not a big deal. Just go to the hanged man and use the banner to rearrange your party. If you pull up the party screen, you can just immediately exit and everyone will be healed.

You probably will need to do two runs of Lowtown, at a minimum, since it seems like 6 gangs need to be killed to get the note about their hideout.

Raiding the Dog Lord Hideout

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Cor Blimey and the Dog Lords - Hometown Breed

The hideout isn’t very bad either, and it actually felt a little easier than most of the anti-crime missions. Any basic balanced party will be fine. There will be a few dogs, several archers and Cor Blimey. Cor’s the gang leader, and he’s a fairly tough archer. He’s still just an archer though. If you can manage to freeze him and then hit him with a mighty blow, he’ll almost die from that alone. Any basic series of stuns or combos should take him down quickly. Once he’s down, the fight is just an exercise in patience.

It’s actually a little easier than the usual fights against the Dog Lords. The rest of the fight is just an annoying series of stragglers. You basically just have to run around and check the stairs for small groups that are still waiting to spawn. Take them out with a few little circle patrols, and you should get a notice of success. A few patrols of the square should be enough to trigger them all.

Report in to “A Friend” at the Hanged Man for your well earned sovereigns.


All screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information is based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough of Dragon Age 2, unless otherwise noted.

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