Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - All That Remains - Finding Your Mother

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - All That Remains - Finding Your Mother
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All That Remains - Introduction

This is the follow-up to “The First Sacrifice” and “Prime Suspect”. After you do a few main quests, you should get a notice of a quest being available at the Hawke Estate. When you return home, Gamlen will explain that your mother has been missing for awhile. You’ll need to start searching for her.

There are only two real ways to find her.

All That Remains - Finding Mother

If you left Gascard alive, then you can go to Darktown and receive a marker for him. Go talk to Gascard to learn that he can use blood magic to take you right to the killer’s doorstep. Refusing will earn you some rivalry with Merrill, but no one should really mind if you accept (except Sebastian, if you have the DLC).

If Gascard isn’t alive, or you just don’t want to use him, then you can go to Lowtown and find Gamlen talking to a street urchin. You can talk to the boy and either pay him or frighten him into getting the lead. Apparently you need his tip to follow the obvious blood trail to the creepy foundry we went to before.

Regardless of how you get to the foundry, look around for a bit and you should find a hidden trapdoor in a corner of the sideroom. Go down it to find the underground cavern with the blood mage.

All That Remains - The Demon Guards

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - All That Remains - Shades and Rage Demons

The first encounter will have a rage demon and a bunch of weak shades. Get a tank into the midst of the fight and draw some attention so that everyone else can throw AOE abilities around and clear out the crowd. The rage demon isn’t anything special, so just get some breathing room and then take him down.

Walk further in until you make it to the bedroom. Look around a bit until the next wave comes. This has a very mixed batch. You’ll start with shades and corpses, but a rage demon and some abominations will pop in for the second wave. The first wave should just be grunts, so try to soften them all up at once with AOE magic and abilities. A whirlwind attack will do wonders.

Once the abominations come in, you’ll need to have someone run over and draw their attention, hopefully along with the rage demon. If you can keep them focused on your tank, it should be easy to start picking them off with your mages and the rest of your party. Once you’ve ground them down a bit, keep moving. You’ll find the necromancer, Quentin, soon.

All That Remains - Gascard DePuis

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - All That Remains - Handling Gascard DePuis

For starters, if you brought Gascard, you’ll have to deal with his little betrayal. Turns out that he wasn’t on a true quest for revenge.

If Varric is with you, then this resolves itself in a way that I won’t spoil.

If he’s not, then you’ll have a few choices. All of the normal options on the right will not be enough to actually convince Gascard to stay on your side. The only peaceful option is for you to have enough done enough diplomacy speech choices in the past to open up a special option to talk him down and get him to fight on your side. If you can’t, then you’ll have to fight him.

Note that fighting Gascard isn’t actually that hard. In my case, one “mighty blow” managed to take him down to 25%. Regardless of your party’s build, you will want to take him out immediately. He’s a rough mage and it’s a long fight.

All That Remains - Killing Quentin

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - All That Remains - Killing Quentin the Necromancer

The actual fight is a series of waves, and Quentin will hide behind his shield until he’s exhausted his reserves.

The first wave should just be some general shades and abominations. Attack them, but try to preserve some stamina for the real fight that starts in the second wave. Once you’ve cleared the floor a bit more shades and abominations will jump in along with a possession of Ninette (just a desire demon with a bit of extra health). Have some start attacking the desire demon to distract her and keep her from healing the grunts around her. The rest of your party should be doing crowd control. Watch your mages and keep them close to the stairs to avoid the bulk of the fight.

You’ll need to repeat these tactics for two more possessions (Alessa and your mother). If you can keep the grunts down, you’ll be in fine shape. Without the abominations, the desire demons are weak and your mages and ranged fighters are safe and sound.

Once you take out the fourth wave, Quentin will drop the shield and spawn a few more tough shades. There should just be a handful, but they will all have far more health than the last wave had. Quentin himself is fairly tough for a mage, but he’s still a mage. You should be able to crush him fairly quickly with hard hits. Just note that if you see a red ball create a large red ring on the map, run away very fast. This blood magic spell is incredibly strong and quentin will usually use it a lot during the fight. It can take a tank or a warriro down in a few second if you aren’t careful.

If you can manage to avoid this AOE spell though, it’s fairly easy to have your tank distract the shades while the rest take down Quentin. Once it’s over, you’ll get to talk to your mother one more time, and then leave. There’s nothing more you can really do.


All screenshots and images from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough, unless otherwise noted.

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