Dragon Age 2 Guide - Inside Job

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Inside Job
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Inside Job - Introduction

You need to help out with the management of your mine once again. Hubert will be waiting for you in the market in after you receive the letter from him. It seems that some of your shipments have been waylaid. We need to get to the bottom of it.

Surprisingly, Hubert has already taken up the initiative and captured the informant for you. You just have to interrogate him. You can either continue to beat him, or be nice. Offering to reward him or threatening to beat him up again should get him to reveal a hidden stash with a few coins in a hidden stash. It’s not a big deal though. There may also be a few unique options, depending on your Hawke’s personality.

The basics will come out either way though, and you’ll need to head off with Lilley to find the ambush spot. The caravan will be destroyed regardless, so just engage them.

Inside Job - Killing the Bandits

There will be several mercenaries along with a mercenary leader. This should be just like every other mercenary fight. Watch for archers and grunts on the edges, and take them out to keep the battle focused. A general AOE spell can probably grind down most of the narrow field quite quickly.

If you’re lucky, Lilley will engage a few and draw them away from the fight. Otherwise, just engage the leader with a tank and clear the field until you have the room to take out the leader. Pick up the loot and then talk to Lilley to head back and stop the raids at the source. It seems that a man called Brekker in the Coterie is responsible, so we’ve got a target now.

Inside Job - Killing Brekker

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Inside Job - Killing Brekker

Travel to Darktown and go to the marked meeting spot to find that Lilley’s already dead. Some more gang members will come up and assume the worst. You can either choose to fight them, or you can just keep it calm and explain that Brekker must have killed her. They’ll agree to investigate it more and then they’ll walk off.

Approach Brekker’s hideout, which should now be marked on your map, and then go inside with a good warrior party. You’ll be facing a lot of rouges, so don’t bring many weaker people with you. I recommend sticking to the strongest warriors if you can.

Go in and engage the first group of spread out mercenaries. It should be a fairly simple grind, so just take them out and move on to the next group. The next one has mercenaries, an alchemist (just a mage) and a rogue that should drop in behind you. Have someone rush and kill the alchemist quickly and then move on to distract the rogue while the rest of your party cleans out the grunts.

Brekker will fight you regardless, so just say what you want and then engage him. Brekker isn’t too tough. He’s just a fairly normal rogue, and he should actually die pretty fast if you focus on him. The problem is that there are several rogues and they just love to do horrible things, like simultaneous double backstabs that absolutely wreck most of your characters without any real chance of defence. If you have warriors and health potions, it’s actually fairly easy to just grind them down over time through sheer force. The problem will be with your rogues and mages who just won’t survive long against backstabs.

If you can take out Brekker and a few of the rogues, then you can probably make it through to the end. Once you make it past the first hill, it’s pretty easy. Loot the bodies (and the locked chest if you can) then walk away to the reach the nearest exit.

Report back to Hubert and get your reward. He’ll direct you to the Bone Pit to see if they’re having any other problems.


All images and screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information is based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough, unless otherwise noted.

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