Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Ladies' Lights Out

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Ladies' Lights Out
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Ladies' Lights Out - Introduction

You can take this one by hunting down the invisible ladies that plague Hightown at night. Surprisingly, this isn’t actually that bad. I assume that any group of balanced fighters will be fine. One AOE mage, one rogue, and two fighters should be fine.

I believe that you’ll need to kill about 6 groups of them, which you can probably do in two passes through Hightown. Since you have to go through Hightown at night a few times, you’ll probably pick up a few on your own.

Ladies' Lights Out - Hunting the Invisible Sisters

The battles aren’t too hard. There will be three waves of these bandits. In general, it’s a mix of female rogues and also some basic grunts. The rogues are very weak, usually except for a single leader, so wide swings or AOE spells will take them apart very quickly.

A party with two warriors will probably devastate any group of the Invisible Ladies, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much unless you just really want to go around with a physically weak party. On that note though, be ready to lose a mage in the middle of a battle. They can sometimes pull off a well-timed backstab, so make sure that you have a few potions to carry you over until the end. Don’t worry about injuries, since you can just go to the Hawke Estate and back to heal your party.

You’ll get a note after several kills which will mark their hideout on the map.

Ladies' Lights Out - The Mansion

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Ladies' Lights Out - Killing the Invisible Sisters

Their hideout is inside a captured mansion. Bring a warrior heavy group, unless you’re willing to baby sit your mages (or bring reviving potions) and enter the hideout. The battle basically just takes part in the main room. There will be a single leader, Gracious Gillian Winger. She’s actually just a very easy fighter and archer, so it shouldn’t be hard to take her down quickly. The real challenge will be a very tough unnamed rogue. Just have a warrior engage her and take her down over the course of the fight, and watch everyone’s health. The grunts and weaker rogues should die very quickly. Try to watch the door though, since the weaker waves can still hurt if they surprise you.

Once the last one dies, you will receive an update. You can go to “A Friend” in the back room of the Hanged man to turn in your kill for a few sovereigns.


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