Dragon Age 2 Guide - Offered and Lost

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Offered and Lost
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Offered and Lost - Introduction

This is actually a surprisingly quick main quest mission You’ll need to investigate the missing Qunari delegation in order to prevent a major crisis. You should get this right after you handle “Blackpowder Courtesy” and report your success to the Viscount.

Talk to the Viscount’s aid to get more information. Your party will point you toward the Hanged Man, regardless of who you have with you. Note that there’s a bit of a decision to make here. You’re looking for a corrupt guardsman, so if you bring Aveline you’ll have a unique option.

Offered and Lost - The Corrupt Guardsman

If you don’t, then it will devolve into a bar brawl. Note that there’s no reason to bring Isabela, since she’ll join the fight either way (she’s waiting at the bar anyway). If you bring Aveline, you can defer to her when you challenge the guard. She can punish him and intimidate him enough to make him spill the beans and stand down.

Note that if you choose this path, you won’t have the fight, and rogues won’t be able to get the chest piece for the Enasalin armor set. You can usually get it later, but it’s worth considering if you’re playing a rouge and want a complete set.

Regardless of how you get the intel, you’ll need to go to the Chantry next. It seems that Sister Petrice received a promotion since the last time that we saw her. Talk to her and she’ll refuse to let you talk to the Grand Cleric, but she will point you toward Ser Varnell’s fanatics and the captured Qunari. You can actually talk to the Grand Cleric anyway, by walking past Petrice. Aveline will appreciate this.

Offered and Lost - The Fantics

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Offered and Lost - The Qunari in Ser Varnell’s Refuge

As your party points out, it’s an obvious trap, but there’s no other lead. Travel to the marked sanctuary to find Ser Varnell and the captured Qunari.

You actually have a choice here. If you wish, you can choose to support Varnell and kill the delegation. The Qunari will break free, and your party will need to take them out. It shouldn’t be too tricky. Just a normal fight with the Qunari. Watch the sides for ranged fighters and tank the rest.

I suspect more people will choose to fight Varnell though. Regardless of what you do, he’ll kill the last survivor and send his fanatics to you.

This is actually a pretty difficult fight, just due to the numbers involved. Ser Varnell himself is just a fairly tough templar. He can throw some type of grenade, and he can do a pommel strike which has a stun effect and does a lot of damage. The real problem is his ability to rally the men. Normally, this isn’t a problem, but he has so many weak grunts as his disposal, that the buff can be deadly.

The fanatics are the real problem. There are a few tougher grunts in the mix, but most of them are fairly weak. The archers at the edges will probably be the real pain, because their arrows will wear away at you and cause a lot of damage to your ranged fighters.

Have one warrior run around and thin out the archers on each side. A tank will need to stay close to the center. Don’t worry too much about fighting Varnell, since he often hangs back a bit from the battle. You’ll probably want to just hang back toward your mages and physically block them from getting past.

The fanatics will come in from both sides, with about four waves, two from each side. Watch for archers sneaking in, and make sure that your mages stay a bit toward the center. If they’re too close to either edge, then they may be pinned down when new reinforcements spawn.

If you can hold out until the bulk of the reinforcements die off, then you should probably be fine. Varnell is still a tough fighter, but

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Offered and Lost - The Fanatics

without the archers, it’s just a matter of protecting your health until it’s done.

Once it’s over, you’ll have another decision. You can tell the Viscount to cover up the torture by disposing of the bodies, or you can tell him to be honest about it. Aveline will appreciate your honesty, and it honestly won’t change much (unless you just want to protect Petrice).

Before you leave, make sure that you get the special shield from the crate by the elevator out of the area. It’s a very nice shield that you can give to Aveline, or possibly use for yourself (if you don’t call it a special gift for her when you hand it over).


All screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information is based on a “hard” difficulty playthrouhg of Dragon Age 2, unless otherwise noted.

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