Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests - Details on Fenris Personal Quest - A Bitter Pill

Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests -  Details on Fenris Personal Quest -  A  Bitter Pill
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Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests – A Bitter Pill


Bitter Pill will become available while you are completing the Lost Patrol side quest mission. You will have an encounter with some hunters that are determined to kill Fenris. It is discovered that the magister Hadriana was behind the attack. During the dialog, agree to help him go after Hadriana (which will earn you +5 friendship points).

Hadriana can be found in the slave holding caves (Free Marches section). Upon arrival, you will find a source of Ebrium. There are many slavers in this area. Fight your way to the cave entrance. Dialog will begin. Tell Fenris that Hadriana will be found. Go inside the cave.

In this area, watch out for traps. The cave is full of slaver mages. Fight your way through until you encounter an elf slave girl who is being attacked. Stop the slavers from harming the girl. During the dialog, ask about Hadriana. Tell the girl to go to your mansion and you will help her. Fenris questions you about this. Make sure you tell him that you are offering the girl a job. Fenris will be happy about this and you will earn +5 friendship points.

After talking to the girl, explore the room further and find the Tevinter Chantry Amulet for Anders. The “Reinforced Armor Straps” for Fenris can also be found in this area.

Finding Hadriana

Continuing with this Dragon Age 2 companion quest, explore the slave holding caves. You will find Hadriana in the back room of this area. This can be a tough battle if you are not careful. Hadriana will send demons and other enemies your way. Hadriana has the ability to teleport herself away temporarily. Eliminate her minions and then quickly focus your team’s attack on Hadriana. Once you have damaged her enough, dialog will begin. Hadriana begs for her life. She tells Fenric that his sister is alive and not a slave. Fenris seems surprised by this information but still kills Hadriana.

Fenris needs to be alone after this incident. Ask Fenris if he would like to talk about it. If you are trying to build up a romantic relationship with him, you should also try to comfort him (heart icon). Regardless of Fenris angry responses, you will earn a few friendship points.

Concluding the Bitter Pill Companion Quest - Fenris’ Past

Dragon Age 2 Companion Quest Guide - Fenris

Leave the holding caves and go to Hawke’s estate. Fenris will be there. A conversation will begin. If you are trying to build a romantic relationship with Fenris, tell him that you were concerned (heart icon). Otherwise, choose the diplomatic response (leaf icon). Fenris is upset because of his experience as a slave. During the dialog continue to give diplomatic responses. He talks a bit and then tells you “I didn’t come to burden you”. Tell him “It is not a burden”. The result of this conversation can earn you up to +15 friendship points.

Helping Merrill - The Mirror Image Quest

Go to Merrill’s home. During the dialog with her you will find out that she wants to rebuild a powerful mirror that she hopes will recover some of the lost elven history. Merrill left the elf clan to pursue this quest since the elf Keeper believes that the mirror is dangerous and should not be rebuilt.

Merrill needs a special tool called the “Arlun’ Holm” to rebuild the mirror. The elf clan has it in their possession. Agree to help her talk to the elf Keeper in order to get the tool. The result of this conversation will earn you +10 friendship points.

Travel with Merrill and your other companions to Sundermount. Leave Fenris behind if you don’t want to earn any rivalry points. During the dialog with the Keeper you will find out that Merrill will need to perform a task for the clan in order to gain possession of the item she needs.

The task is to slay the Varterral in its lair. The beast is located in a cave north of the elf camp.

Dragon Age 2 Companions - Continuing the Mirror Image Quest

Dragon Age Companions - Merrill

Travel with your Dragon Age 2 companions to the Varterral cave. Once inside you will find lots of poisonous wasp spiders. Use ranged weapons to your advantage in this area since the spiders can surround your team and do a lot of damage. A good place to be is at the top of the room. After the threat has been eliminated, look for a body on the ground that will have an amulet. Picking up the amulet triggers the Honoring the Fallen quest.

Continue exploring the cave and you will find a resource for Orichalcum and Glitterdust. Further exploration will help you find another amulet for the Honoring the Fallen quest. Fight your way through skeletons and other enemies in the caves until you have an encounter with an elf named Poi. This elf was running away from something. When you talk to him, he realizes Merrill is with you and runs away again.

Chase after Poi since he will run into the Varterral. This is a tough battle. The insect like beast spawns damaging ooze and sends spiders after you. If possible, try to move your melee characters away from the beast when he is about to shoot off the ooze. Use your ranged characters to shoot attacks at the beast from a distance.

Once you have defeated the Varterral, pick up its heart since it is needed for the Herbalist’s Tasks in Act 2. Unfortunately, Poi is dead. Dialog will occur. If you have Fenris or Anders on your team, there is a chance you may earn +10 rivalry points if your friendship level with them is not at 100 percent. The fact that you find out Merrill worked with blood magic and demons is a sensitive issue with both Anders and Fenris.

After the dialog, explore the area further and you will find a horde of treasure as well as a resource for Deep Mushroom.

Talking to the Keeper

Dragon Age 2 - Elf Keeper

Take the Varterral’s heart and your team back to the elf camp. Talk to the Keeper and give her the heart. During the dialog you find out more about Merrill’s dealings with blood magic and demons. The Keeper gives your character the tool and asks you not to let Merrill use it to repair the mirror.

After this conversation, you will talk directly to Merrill. Question her about your motives. Depending on whether you want friendship or rivalry points, choose your dialog options carefully. If you decide to give her the item, first tell her that the Keeper may have a point about the mirror. After Merrill explains her intentions, then give her the tool. This will earn you +15 friendship points. If you have Anders or Fenric on your team, you will earn rivalry points if their friendship level with you is not 100 percent.

At this point you and your Dragon Age 2 companions have completed the Mirror Image quest. A small mini conversation quest with Merrill – Back from Sundermount will open up. Go to Merrill’s house and talk to her. To get +5 friendship points, be supportive and tell her the elf clan will accept her back later once she has recovered a bit of their lost past.

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