Dragon Age 2 Gay Characters and Romantic Options

Dragon Age 2 Gay Characters and Romantic Options
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Dragon Age 2 Romance

In Dragon Age 2, gay romance abounds. I’ve found that you have more opportunities for same-sex relationships than you do with the opposite sex. Since the game awards PS3 trophies or Xbox 360 achievements for flirting and building a friendship into a romance, there are benefits to getting up close and personal to one of your companions in the game. The fact that it’s easier for your male character to hook up with another male character may irk some gamers. Also of concern are the way in which gay elf characters are presented using a variety of homosexual stereotypes. Learn more about Dragon Age 2 gay encounters in this article.

Gay Characters in Dragon Age 2

While playing Dragon Age 2, the following male characters have offered my male character love/relationship/flirting options during dialogue sessions:

  • Jethann - You talk to this elf in a side bedroom during a quest called The First Sacrifice. His appearance and manner of speaking (especially his voice) was stereotypically gay. He’s a prostitute, so you can take advantage of his services at the brothel. If you engage him, your party will be asked to leave the room. Bethany, my character’s sister, says a funny line as they are made to leave - “This is not what we came here for!”
  • Fenris - This male elf warrior will be a romance option whether you play male or female. His character hates mages and he’s the jealous sort, so if you hook up with anyone else then you will never get a chance with him. I think he’s the best warrior companion to have in your party.
  • Anders - You can get into a full-blown romance with Anders whether you or male or female. He even has a later subplot involving his secret gay lover and being ousted from the circle of mages. If you have Anders and Fenris in the same party, you’ll often get rivalry points for Fenris every time you get friendship points for Anders. Later on in the game, if you pursue the romance, it will show Anders and your male character involved in some vigorous open-mouth kissing as well as show them in bed together.
  • Zevran Arainai - This is another gay elf you will encounter much later in the game. He was a main player in Dragon Age: Origins and pops up in this game for a new quest. Once the quest is over, you will have some flirting options via dialogue though a full romance is not available. Just like the male prostitute you encountered earlier, this elf exudes the gay stereotype.


dragon age 2 gay romance

As you might imagine, various blogs and message board forums have been blowing up over the subject of Dragon Age 2 gay characters and romance options. One of the best write-ups I have found is from Queerty.com where they compared the behavior of characters in the game and determined them to be more like real people. Another article from TheNoiseCast.com shows the game’s main writer, David Gaider, directly addressing a complaint from the official Bioware forum. The complainer called themself a ‘straight male gamer’ and went on to deride the developers and claimed that most role playing gamers are straight males.

Personally, I’ve found this game to be way too heavy on dialogue, almost to the point that all the speaking parts were like filler considering how many locations were reused throughout the game. The option to flirt and romance with other characters doesn’t really do anything in the game besides earn you a couple of PS3 trophies or Xbox achievements, and many of the complaints are much ado about nothing.When I showed one of the gay dialogue options to my wife, she just shook her head and laughed.

The bottom line here is that if you don’t want to kiss another guy or engage in any gay elf sex, then don’t initiate the encounter. The choice is entirely your own.


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