Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Details on Main Plot Quests in Act 2

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Details on Main Plot Quests in Act 2
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Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough Main Plot Quests – Black Powder Courtesy


Black Powder Courtesy is a quest that appears at the beginning of the second act in Dragon Age 2. To begin, you will need to speak to the Arishok in the Qunari Compound that is located in the Docks area.

In the conversation with the Arishok, you discover that Jarvaris the merchant has been producing the Qunari powder in large quantities. This powder is poisonous and dangerous in large quantities which can be a problem for the Qunari. You will need to find Jarvaris and convince him to stop making the powder.

Javaris has fled the city. Go to Darktown. Follow him using tunnels that lead from Darktown to Smuggler’s Cut.

In the tunnels you will encounter many spiders as well as smugglers along the way to Smuggler’s Cut. Check out all treasure chests you find. In one of them you will find a small ship. This item unlocks a companion quest with Isabella called “Ship for Isabella”. Note: Giving this ship to Isabella at the Hanged Man will result in +10 friendship (as long as you are nice).

When you reach Smuggler’s Cut, talk to Jarvaris. You find out that an elf is responsible for the Qunari poison problem. This elf is also trying to kill Javaris. At this point in the Dragon Age 2 walkthrough you can let Javaris go or kill him.

Black Powder Courtesy – Finding the Elf

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The elf is located in the Side Alley section of Lowtown. When you arrive, you will encounter a guard who tells you that poison has been distributed in Lowtown. Agree to help him and explore the area until you encounter poison barrels. These barrels are releasing the poison causing a greenish haze. Kill of the mercenaries that try to stop you from shutting off the poison.

To shut off the poison, you will need to pick up steel latches that are located on the ground. Place the latches on each barrel. Once completed, you realize that the elves are responsible for releasing the poison. The elf you encounter claims that the Qunari are responsible for corrupting their people. You must go back to the Arishok with this information.

Back to the Qunari Compound

Continuing on with this Dragon Age 2 walkthrough, travel back to the Qunari compound. Tell the Arishok about what happened. The Arishok explains that the elves that joined the Qunari did it because they wanted to (and were not corrupted in any way).

After this conversation, travel to the Viscount Keep and visit the Viscount. When you speak to the Viscount, you find out that a Qunari has gone missing. The Viscount tells you to talk to Seneschal Bran in the Keep to find out more information.

At this point the Black Powder Courtesy quest is completed and has unlocked the Dissent companion quest.

Dragon Age 2 Guide Main Plot Quest - Offered and Lost

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Note: The Offered and Lost quest will be available to you If you have completed the Black Powder Courtesy quest.

Travel to the Hanged Man at night. Talk to Orwald the Braggart. The guards were paid off. The result of this conversation with Orwarld leads to a fight. After you fight Orwarld and his friends, you will get more information out of the guard. He tells you that a templar is responsible for the guards looking the other way in regards to the Qunari in question.

Next, go to the Chantry to find out if the Grand Cleric was involved in the Qunari disappearance. When you arrive at the Chantry, you will have an encounter with Mistress Petrice. She advises you to Ser Varnell’s daytime rally (Ser Varnell’s Refuge) near Darktown to confirm Petrice’s suspicions of his involvement.

Ser Varnell’s Refuge

If you have following this Dragon Age 2 guide so far, fight your way to a room where you will see Templars that are about to kill a Qunari. Petrice shows up and tries to talk to Ser Varnell. You respond with dialog. Unfortunately, no matter what you choose, the Qunari still gets killed. What follows is a tough battle with Templars and mages. After this you will need to tell the Viscount about what has transpired with the Templars. In that conversation, the Viscount is concerned about the Qunari bodies that we left behind in Ser Varnell’s Refuse. Advise the Viscount to leave the bodies alone since the Arishok will find out anyway.

End of Offered and Lost quest.

Prime Suspect - Main Plot Quest

Note: The Prime Suspect quest becomes available at the beginning of Act 2 in Dragon Age 2.

Speak to Emeric in Hightown. Agree to help him find out if Gacard DuPuis is responsible for the recent disappearances of mages in the city.

Go to Gacard DuPuis’ Hightown estate at night to see if there is evidence that link him to crime mentioned by Emeric. Inside the estate you will need to fight several demons. As you explore, find the letter “Reply from Statchman” that says DuPuis should not inquire about the missing mages.

After you have explored most of the mansion, you will have a conversation with DuPuis. You confirm that he is not responsible for the missing mages. Leave the mansion and head over to see Emeric in Hightown. Unfortunately, when you arrive you are greeted by Moira (a guard) who thinks you are there to see her. Suspecting foul play, you need to travel to the alley outside of Lowtown. When you arrive, demons will attack. Kill them all. After this you discover that Emeric was slain. Moira appears and tells you that this situation will need to be investigated further.

At this point, you have completed the Prime Suspect mission_._

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