Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests for Anders and Varric - Family Matter and Dissent

Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests for Anders and Varric -  Family Matter and Dissent
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Dragon Age 2 Companion’s Quests - Family Matter

Family Matter is a companion quest for Varric. The relationship with his brother Bartrand has been a source of hostility since the incident in the Deep Roads. Varric recently found out that his brother is located in a mansion in Hightown. In your dialog with Varric, agree to help him find out more about Bartrand’s whereabouts. Travel with your companions to Bartrand’s mansion and go inside. Unfortunately, Varric will need to fight alone for a short time. You will control the Varric character and defeat all of Bartrand’s goons. Use the doorway near the entrance to keep Varric from being overwhelmed. After this battle is over, some dialog follows and then Varric is rejoined with your team.

Continue to explore Bartrand’s mansion by checking out every room. You will encounter many “crazed lunatic” enemies as well as mercenaries. Pick up goodies from fallen enemies and try to take treasure from any chest you find. Note: Your rogue character may not have enough skill. Lock picking requires lots of points into the Cunning skill category.

At some point you will have an encounter with Bartrand’s servant. He tells you that Bartrand has been force feeding lyrium to people. Bartrand is located in the final room you will see nearby.

In the room with Bartrand, you will need to fight some demons along with other types of enemies. When you have caused enough damage to Bartrand, the battle will stop. Varric confronts his brother. Bartrand’s mind has been poisoned by the statue he found in the Deep Roads expedition. If you have Anders with you, he will be able to clear Bartrand’s mind for a short time and have a conversation with Varric. Once this Dragon Age 2 companion quest is completed, the mini mission A Story Being Told opens up. This will require you to visit Varric in the Hanged Man for more information.

Dissent – Anders Companion Quest

Dragon Age 2 Companion Quests - Anders

Once you have helped Varric, the Dissent companion quest becomes available. Go talk to Anders at his clinic. In this conversation you find out that mages are being made “tranquil” to silence them. Agree to help him with this situation. Make sure you say – “How can we stop them?” and let Anders know that you are on his side and are upset with the information he just gave you. This will result in a +5 to your friendship.

Travel to the secret entrance located in Darktown (check your map). Inside this area are a lot of spiders, smugglers and mercenaries. Later you will encounter mages who are trying to make an elf girl tranquil.

During the final battle in this area Ander loses control and Justice makes an appearance. Fight off the remaining mages and enemies. After this, dialog begins. Make sure you tell Anders to stop hurting the girl, otherwise he will kill her. If Fenris is with your party, you will receive +5 to your friendship with him. When Anders regains control, he decides that he needs to be alone. Check out all the corpses for treasure. Make sure you pick up the note from Sir Aric’s corpse.

When you leave the tunnel area, you will encounter the girl you have helped. In your conversation, tell her to go back to the Circle since the threat has been eliminated. This will give you +10 friendship with Fenris (if he is with your party).

Visit Anders at his clinic. Anders seems distraught. Tell him about Sir Aric’s papers. Anders is happy with the information since he finds out that other mages were against the “Tranquil Solution”. The result of this conversation concludes the Dissent Dragon Age 2 companion quest and opens up the Questioning Beliefs companion quest for Fenris.

Dragon Age 2 Guide to Companion Quests - The Long Road

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Aveline

In the second act of Dragon Age 2, there are several companion quests. In The Long Road, you will need to help Aveline. Since Aveline lost her husband three years ago she has been alone. Aveline has romantic interest Guardsman Donnic but is insecure about approaching him. She would like you to help her out with this situation. See Aveline in the barracks at Viscount Keep. During your conversation with her, agree to help by giving Donnic a gift from Aveline (but not letting him know who it is from).

Donnic seems confused by the gift when you give it to him. Speak to Aveline again. This time she will ask you to post the guard’s roster to see Donnic’s reaction. Do this task. Donnic seems upset by his assignment. Aveline is not sure what to do at this point. Advise her to see him in a more social setting. She asks you to set it up, but not let Donnic know she wants to meet him. The result of this conversation earns you +5 friendship points with Aveline. Again you talk to Donnic.

Continuing with this Dragon Age 2 guide, go to the Hang Man. Drinks continue to flow, but Aveline does not show up. A bit later, Aveline signals you that she is chickening out. Donnic at this point does not know what to think and leaves.

You then have a conversation with Aveline. In your discussion, it seems like a good idea to get them together is by setting up a situation where Donnic and Aveline can be alone. Aveline thinks a patrol might do the trick. Agree to help her. Note: Make sure you choose the second option in the dialog or it will result in +5 to rivalry instead of +5 friendship.

The patrol is in the Wounded Coast. When you arrive, hunters appear and are determined to take Fenris away. In the dialog, refuse and tell them that Fenris is not a slave. A battle will begin with all of these hunters and some mercenaries. When your team has successfully defeated all but one of the men, a dialog will begin. Fenris will get some information from the hunter and then kill him. Turns out that Hadriana, an apprentice of Fenris old master was behind the attack. Agree to help Fenris go after Hadriana. This will open up the companion quest A Bitter Pill and give you +5 towards your friendship with Fenris.

The Long Road Continues

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After the confrontation with the hunters, continue traveling along the road of the Wounded Coast. Kill the slavers you encounter and then light a signal fire to let Aveline know the coast is clear.

Aveline has difficulty talking to Donnic. You will repeat the process of clearing the path and lighting a signal fire a couple more times for Aveline. When Aveline starts having her third conversation with Donnic, your character intervenes. Choose your dialog carefully. Regardless, you will need to go back to the barracks at the Keep and talk to Aveline.

During your conversation with Aveline, Donnic will show up. He tells you that he wants to talk to Aveline alone. They leave together. A few moments later, you hear laughter. Apparently, it seems that Aveline and Donnic have worked it out. When you talk to Aveline next, she is happy. At this point in this Dragon Age 2 guide, T_he Long Road_ companion quest is completed and you will receive +10 friendship points.

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