Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - The Long Road

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - The Long Road
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The Long Road - Introduction

If you didn’t pick up on it in “The Way It Should Be”, Aveline and Guardsman Donnic are pretty much set to be together, if either one of them can just get up the courage to ask.

We’re helping Aveline’s side of the relationship for this one. You should get the notice to see her in Act 2 to help with Donnic.

There’s not much combat in this one, just a lot of talking.

As a quick note, you can choose flirty options with Aveline, expressing your own character’s interest, but she won’t pick up on it. There is no way to romance Aveline in the official game. It is a decent way to get friendship with her though, if you make the right chocies at the end of the quest.

The first two steps are quite easy. You first need to take Aveline’s present to Donnic. He’s just in the side room, so it’s quite easy. Hand it over and enjoy the mutual confusion. Walk back and report the failure to get the next step. Post the new guard orders and watch her second miss.

Your next step is the “party” at the Hanged Man. invite Donnic to the Hanged Man, and then leave the Viscount’s Keep. Go to the Hanged Man and talk to him to trigger Aveline’s next failure. It’s time to get serious.

Her only remaining plan is a staged patrol. If you’re forceful and insist that she schedule it (top option), you’ll get 5 rivalry with Aveline and 10 friendship with Isabela (if she’s present). The reverse is true if you just tell Aveline to leave it to you.

The Long Road - Aveline’s Date

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - The Long Road - Aveline and Donnic’s Patrol

The only important thing to note is that while this is active, you can’t take Aveline with you to the Wounded Coast. If you try, she’ll disappear. Bring a different loadout for the time being. Two mages works quite well for the combat in this quest.

In order for her date to go well, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Go up the side path and approach the first camp. The area will be full of mabari hounds, but they should die quite quickly. If you have any crowd control magic, it’s very easy. AOE abilities also work wonders. There’s two waves, but they shouldn’t be a problem. Once the fight is over, loot the bodies and light the signal fire to start the awful date.

The next signal fire is further up and overrun with raiders. There isn’t much to be said about them. Charge the group with a warrior and tie them up while a mage rains fire down on them (Tempest works very well). They should start dropping like flies. The second wave won’t have much to it, except for a single assassin. AOE magic will still wear away at him though, and your warrior should have plenty of room to pin him down and take him out. Loot the bodies and light the signal fire to see the next part.

The last battle is just ahead and down the slope. There are several slavers here, and once again, a little magic should rip them apart. There’s a slaver mage in the second wave, but if you can manage to freeze him, then one or two good swipes will probably take him out of the fight completely.

Loot the bodies and light the signal fire to bring an end to the date.

You’ll have a few options when you meet Aveline and the confused Donnic. The sarcastic and caring response have the exact same outcome, and even the jealous statement won’t do much. Return to the Viscount’s Keep and see her in her office to talk to her about what’s happened.

If you’ve been flirty with her, then telling her to not worry about any romance between the two of you should net a solid 15 friendship points. Perfect friends or rivals can also use sarcastic responses to get a kiss out of her, but that’s about it. She’ll end up with Donnic regardless of your efforts for or against her.


All references and screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough.

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