Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Night Terrors

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Night Terrors
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Night Terrors - Introduction

A surprisingly quick quest, with a lot of options. You can get this by reading the letter you receive after helping Feynriel in Wayward Son. You need to rescue him from the Fade, or cut some deals with demons.

You need to talk to Feynriel’s mother, Arianni, by her home in the Elven Alienage. Talk to her and agree to help to be taken into her home. Keeper Marethari will show up and will quietly say to you that you should probably just kill Feynriel if you fear that he’ll be possessed, which will be a choice that we’ll come to at the end.

Agree to enter the Fade to start the mission. Note that if you want to be friends with Merrill, just leave her behind. You’ll pick up a lot of rivalry and things will not go well. On the flip side, Anders is a loyal killing machine, as long as you don’t intend to side with the demons. Overall the combat itself isn’t too challenging. Primarily, you’ll want a versatile party. You’ll be down to two members at the end, so don’t leave loose links in the party.

Night Terrors - Torpor

Start by approaching Torpor, the sloth demon. Merrill is the only one who wants you to consider his offer. Aveline, Fenris and Anders will gain a lot of rivalry if you agree. If Anders is in the party when you try to cut the deal, Justice will come out and attack you. You’ll need to kill him. He’s a mage, so any fighter can probably gang up on him and bring him down quickly. Note that killing him here isn’t permanent, he’ll just wake up outside.

Killing Torpor isn’t that hard. He doesn’t have many guards and he’s just a sloth demon. The full force of your party should just rip him to shreds.

If you agree to the deal, you still have to do some preparation work, so things will work out the same.

There are 3 rooms left. Two, the marked ones, have demons. The third has a few puzzles. They’re fairly basic barrel puzzles.

Night Terrors - Puzzles

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Night Terrors - The Floating Book Puzzle

The other is a room with a floating book. If you click the book, it will fall down and you’ll be able to read it. Just wait in the center of the room and grab it when it stops.

The barrel puzzles are a little tricky. The first has three small barrels and four large ones. You need to move the small ones up on top of the large ones within an undeclared limit. If you hit it, the puzzle locks and you’re attacked by a rage demon and two shades. The other requires you to get a stack of four red in the center of the other ten. If you’re having trouble getting them into the right position, don’t worry too much. You only receive a total of three attribution points for solving them, so it’s not exactly vital.

Night Terrors - Feynriel’s Desires

The demons aren’t too tricky either. In the room labeled, Feynriel’s Desires, you’ll find a desire demon, Caress, deceiving Feynriel into believing that he’s with his father. Use either path to convince him that it’s a lie, and then engage the demon. Caress will tempt either Aveline or Isabela. This will happen regardless of your relationship, and it can even happen with Aveline if she’s gotten over her husband (because the scripting is bad).

If one of them betrays you, you’ll have to kill them. Just like with Anders/Justice, this has no real effect on them. They’ll have a fair bit of health, but neither one of them should be a real nightmare. Aveline probably won’t have that great of an attack, and Isabela won’t have much armor. They should go down very quickly if your party attacks them together.

The desire demon isn’t anything special. Just take her out with your fighter while the rest help out and run crowd control. It should be over shortly.

A rage demon and a few shades will be waiting in the center room after you take out one of the demons, so go down and take care of it. It should just be a repeat of your fight with Torpor.

Night Terrors - Feynriel’s Pride

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Night Terrors - Killing the Pride Demon

The other room, Feynriel’s Pride, has a pride demon, Wryme. Follow either path to break Feynriel from the hypnosis, and then engage Wryme. He can tempt Varric, Fenris or Merrill, regardless of their friendship level or if you’ve advanced their quests.

This should actually just be a repeat of the first. Even though Wryme is a pride demon, he doesn’t seem to do much that’s special. Just quickly gain up on your bewitched party member to clear the field, and then kill the pride demon.

Take whoever’s left with you back to the front hall. Feynriel will be waiting there and you’ll need to finish things up.

Night Terrors - Feynriel

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Night Terrors - Feynriel

If you decided to work with Torpor, talk to Feynriel and follow the path where you tell him that it’s just a dream. Torpor will give you your reward once you’re done. If you’ve had a change of heart, he’ll attack you now. The reward will either be 2 attribute points, an ability point or two unique protection runes.

If you want to help Feynriel, just be calm and explain some of what’s happened. If possible, and if you really just want to help him, don’t tell him about the demons. Tell him that he controls the world and let him figure out how to create the exit on his own. He’ll be more sure of his abilities this way, and he won’t even ask you to kill him. Keeper Marethari will hand you a priceless Elven tome…which is just vendor trash. You can sell it for 70 silver, and that’s it.

If you tell him about the demons almost possessing him, he’ll ask that you make him a tranquil. You can choose this option if you want, but there’s no real reward for it. It only works for role playing purposes for pro-templar people.

Leave the Fade and deal with your choices. Companions who betrayed you will gain a quest in which they’ll apologize to you, or at least discuss their reasons.

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