Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Finding Home and Profit and Loss

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Finding Home and Profit and Loss
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Finding Home / Profit and Loss - Introduction

This is going to be the first quest in the second act. You can get either one of these as the act starts. Someone will point out that you either need to check out your new home, or that you have a visitor waiting for you.

Finding Home is a very simple quest. You just have to walk to your new estate in Hightown and go inside. You’ll get a quick tour and you’ll also meet Aveline for a new bit of the main quest.

Profit and Loss is a little more complicated. If you took the loan at the end of the last act to finance the Deep Roads Expedition, then your old friend Dougal will show up wanting more money. You’ll meet him automatically once you get back to your estate, since he’ll be waiting for you.

Profit and Loss - Dougal’s Extortion

Note that you’ve actually already paid him back. He took his 50 coins out of the reward you would have normally gotten after the mission. The 100 sovereigns he wants is just flat out extortion because he feels that you still earned more than you deserved. Guess he should have set up a partnership instead of a loan.

If you really want, you can try to put the coins together and pay him. I have no idea why you’d fold to him though. There is literally no reason to try and please him. Once you turn Dougal down, he’ll be ready to ambush you at some point in the game. While you’re moving around Kirkwall at night, he should interrupt you between zones for a special encounter. You can approach him to start the battle.

Profit and Loss - Killing Dougal

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Profit and Loss - Killing Dougal and His Men

Dougal isn’t too hard to kill, although he is a rogue, so watch out for backstabs. Have a tank engage him and keep an eye out on all your allies' health. Your mage can probably just hang back on the steps and be fairly safe from the fight. A good area effect spell, like Tempest or Firestorm, should do a lot to clear the battlefield quickly.

The rest of the men are just basic Carta thugs that shouldn’t cause you much worry. He actually doesn’t seem to bring many men, as there should just be one more wave after the first attack. they should also ust be basic thugs, so they’ll die quite quickly.

You can just use some powerful spells to take out his men and grind them to dust quickly. Once he’s dead, you can loot the bodies and move on. He won’t be bothering you again.


All references and screenshots from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information is based on a “hard” difficulty playthrough unless otherwise noted.

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