Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Pier Pressure

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Pier Pressure
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Pier Pressure - Introduction

Pier Pressure is one of the “cleaning up the night” quests that you can do to make the streets far less annoying in Act 1. If you go to the Docks at night, you’ll find that the area is occupied by a veritable army of Redwater Raiders. These raiders are quite annoying, but they are usually far off of the main path. They shouldn’t normally bother you much, but you can get some easy money and experience by taking them out.

Pier Pressure - Hunting Redwater Raiders

You need to kill 4 groups of them (I believe that 4 is the magic number, and the ones in “Wayward Son” seem to count). There may not be enough groups spawned on the map to do it in one run. If you check the Docks and don’t find enough, go back out to another area and return to the Docks. That should spawn new groups.

Check the long routes to find them. The two main branches usually have ambushes along the path. The actual battle isn’t hard conceptually. The raider fighters aren’t that tough, and the archers are usually weak. The problem is sheer numbers and endurance. There will usually be two waves of reinforcements for each group. On the bright side, the reinforcements drop in along the edges of the circle. Mages and ranged fighters are usually going to be safe, as long as you have a tank near the rear of the circle.

Area of effect spells and abilities will tear through the weakest and leave the last few outnumbered and overpowered. Basic crowd control should do wonders.

After you kill enough to get the note, a warehouse on a separate branch will open up. Go to the marked entrance and go inside.

Pier Pressure - Killing Leech and Cleaning the Raider Hideout

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Pier pressure - Killing Leech

The actual battle isn’t too tough. Bring a balanced party and engage. The only real problem is that Leech, the leader, is a tough blood mage. His blood magic can tear a tank apart, so you need to have your rogue and warrior rush him and shut him down immediately, preferably with support from a mage. Leech isn’t very strong, so he’ll die quickly under sustained attack.

Cleaning up the raiders isn’t acutally that hard. There should just be one wave of reinforcements, and no one noticeable. Just clear them out and go upstairs. The rooms each have small groups, so clear each one and approach the back until you’ve cleaned the entire warehouse. If you handled the first group, then the stragglers will die quickly.

There will be a few more groups that spawn as you work your way back to the door. The final group of three at the exit will be the last. Kill them and you’ll be done.

Walk over to the Hanged Man Inn at night and talk to “A Friend” in the back right room of the inn for your coins.


All references and images from “Dragon Age 2”

Unless otherwise noted, all information comes from a “hard” difficulty playthrough.

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