Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Enemies Among Us

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Enemies Among Us
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Enemies Among Us - Introduction

This is another overarching quest that will take you across Kirkwall. Note that you will be facing a lot of abominations and mages, so bring a strong party with several fighters and a tank to hold off their grunts. Note that you’ll have a chance to switch up your party a little bit between the two big fights, so if one doesn’t work in the first battle, you can try a new one.

This one has a lot of friendship and rivalry tied with it. It basically breaks down along Mage vs. Templar lines.

Enemies Among Us - Finding the Lost Recruits

You can start this one by talking to the woman inside the Chantry Courtyard. You’ll know this one is ready, because it will say so under the rumor section of your journal. Accept the quest, and then head over to the Gallows. It will appear on your map if it wasn’t there before.

Walk into the courtyard, and you’ll find a group of recruits over to the left side. You can talk to Recruit Hugh to learn more about the missing recruits. It seems that Keren wasn’t alone. Walk back out and go to the mountain screen to find Wilmod’s camp. Just walk the short distance to find Captain Cullen interrogating Wilmod. Things will take a bit of a turn though.

It seems like Wilmod wasn’t feeling that good. There’s a group of abominations and a shade. I suggest that you focus on Wilmod’s new form, if you can. Killing off the abominations will just make more spawn, along with a tough rage demon. The abominations aren’t anything special. Wilmod is only special due to his fast movement and tough attacks. The rage demon is about the same. If you can get a tank with a shield who can shrug off their attacks, then it shouldn’t be too hard to just grind them down while the abominations die due to area spells and abilities.

Talk to Cullen afterwards to confirm the issue and get your next lead. You need to do some quick investigating to figure out just how they managed to possess a templar.

Enemies Among Us - A Trip to the Brothel

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Enemies Among Us - Idunna

Bring a mage for optimal results and choice!

You can carry out the investigation by going to The Blooming Rose in Hightown and talking to the matron on the first floor. She’ll be happy enough to give up the name of Wilmod’s favorite girl if you ask.

Go up to talk to Idunna and begin the conversation. Turn down her advances and she’ll reveal her true self. If you have a mage with you, you can have them break her possession of you (or you can break it yourself). If you don’t have a mage, or don’t ask for help, then she’ll have to be killed.

If you keep her alive, then you get some options (and a future quest). She’ll reveal the blood mage base, and also explain the basics of their plans. If you send her to the templars, Anders and Isabela won’t be happy (it will cancel out his gains if he’s the one who helped you). Isabela and Carver want her to die. The gains are minor though.

Enemies Among Us - The Blood Mages

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Enemies Among Us - Tarohe’s Base

Bring Merill or Anders for optimal results!

Go to the marked base in Darktown. The first group will just be some shades and abominations. There’s nothing too remarkable about this. Just engage the bulk of them with a tank and have a fast fighter tear them up.

Watch out for traps (lead with a rogue if possible) and engage a group of skeletons up ahead. This is just a normal battle. Engage any archers and tie up the rest. If you didn’t die yet, you’ll be fine. There’s one more group of skeletons before you find Tarohne and Keran at the back of the base.

Tarohe will want to fight regardless, so get ready and dig in. Tarohne isn’t a huge threat. You should have one fighter chase her around and try to kill her. There are several tough enemies to start with, so you should probably focus on clearing the field of the strongest fighters before worrying about the weak monsters that they summon. The desire demon is another key target, so go after her if you can.

The rest should be fairly standard. It’s a chaotic fight, but once Tarohne and the desire demon die, it’s a piece of cake.

Talk to Keran after the battle is over. If you have Anders or Merill with you, you can have them check to see if he’s possessed. They appreciate this, and it will settle the debate. Keran will run off shortly afterwards, so pick your viewpoint in the debate over the mages and then head back to see Cullen in the Gallows. You can say whatever you wish. The only interesting note is that Aveline prefers that you protect him. Also, don’t worry about admitting that you tested him. Cullen will keep your methods quiet. Otherwise it’s a standard mage vs. templars split.


All images and references from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information is from a “hard” difficulty playthrough.

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