Dragon Age 2 Guide - Wayward Son

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Wayward Son
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Wayward Son - Introduction

Wayward Son is actually a fairly long and disconnected quest. It’s easy to do sections of it as you walk across Kirwall doing other quests. You’ll need to fight slavers and abominations to bring the boy home safely, and you’ll probably need to trade out your party along the way. I’ll try to give specific suggestions for the different scenarios.

Try to get this quest as soon as you can though, since it is much easier to just do it while you handle all of the other quests in Act 1.

Wayward Son - The Investigation

You should stumble right into this quest after you return to Kirkwall with Merrill after Long Way Home. Talk to the elf woman speaking to the templar in the alienage to learn about her problem (You can also just go straight to Thrask in the Gallows if you missed the chance). It seems that her son, Feynriel, has gone missing and is trying to run away from the circle.

To get more information, you’ll need to talk to Thrask in the Gallows. If you want, you can also go ahead and talk to his father if you’d like. Thrask and the father will both point you toward Samson in Lowtown. Note that if you bring Aveline and say that he should have gone to the City Guard, you’ll net any easy 5 friendship points. Merrill also likes that you agree to help, so that’s an easy +10. Go to Lowtown at night and speak to Samson by the Hanged Man. He can point you toward Captain Reiner and his suspected slavery operation.

Wayward Son - Killing Captain Reiner

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Wayward Son - Captain Reiner’s Raiders

Go to the marked warehouse at the Docks. One raider group should ambush you at the start, so blast through them to begin the real fighting. Watch out for traps inside, and engage the basic raiders on the floor. This is pretty standard fare for the game. Engage the toughest one out with your tank and grind through the weak ones in the wave with a quick fighter. Isabela works quite well for quick kills. Once the floor is clear, walk up the ramp to reach the side storage area and find the girl that Samson mentioned. We’re a bit too late for her though.

Unfortunately, it seems like the raiders don’t understand “the enemy of my enemy” so you’ll be fighting the raiders and the abomination at the same time. Have your tank attack the abomination. The room is quite small, so area of effect spells should take out just about everyone. The abomination isn’t anything special, it just has a lot of health. Captain Reiner should come in with the second wave. He’s a rogue with a fair amount of health, so watch your back and try to keep him stunned or pinned down. The raiders go down fairly quickly though, so just take out their support and then grind it out. Loot the bodies to get more information about Reiner’s contact and a letter from the girl. It seems that she was Thrask’s daughter.

You can take this letter back to him to complete “The Errant Letter.” You can either blackmail him or be nice and agree to keep his secret. Most of your party members seem to gain friendship if you help him.

Wayward Son - Killing Danzig

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Wayward Son - Killing Danzig

Your next target is Danzig in Darktown. Just run down to the marked area. Danzig’s not really interested in negotiation, unless you have Fenris, so it looks like we’ve probably got another fight on our hands. Even if you have Fenris interrogate him, you will probably want to fight him. Both Fenris and Aveline want you to kill them.

This is another counter-intuitive fight, since you’ll want your main fighter/damage dealer to target Danzig and leave all the grunts alone. He’s got some annoying magic, so it’s best to take him down quickly. There’s also a mage that comes in with the second wave of reinforcements, and you really don’t want two mages on the field.

Let your tank draw some of the slavers away while you chase down Danzig. If he raises his shield, just turn around and try to take out one of the slavers that probably followed you. As soon as he drops it, try to stun him or get a good attack in. Danzig goes down fairly fast if you pile on heavy attacks.

The second mage is a bit tougher and can do the ball lightning attack. If you see the orb form on the battlefield, pause and get everyone to a safe distance. Aside from that, the fight is the same. Have your tank hold off the horde while you grind down the mage. Once they’re without their main support, the grunts will die quickly.

Loot Danzig’s body for a note covering where his hidden holding cave is. It looks like we’re off to the Wounded Coast for this one.

Wayward Son - The Wounded Coast

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Wayward Son - Saving Feynriel

I strongly suggest that you bring Varric along for the ride, because it opens up a fairly nice end quest option. Also, don’t bring mages and Aveline/Carver/Fenris, if you don’t want to gain rivalry with someone. There’s a mage vs. templar breakdown and there’s no way to please them both.

Go into the marked cave on the wounded coast, and you’ll run into a fairly standard group of slavers. Honestly, this is nothing new. Just rinse and repeat your old tactics. Target the mage and grind through the grunts and you’ll be fine.

Once you make it into the main chamber, you’ll have an opportunity to tell Varric to handle the tense negotiations. Varric will be able to spin a big tale about the boy, which will ultimately convince them to stand down and hand over their pay for the job. You can also pay the slavers and buy his freedom. Otherwise, be ready for one more battle against the slavers. As before, it’s just a rinse and repeat of the last. There’s nothing too exciting or different about it, and if you’ve made it this far then I assume you’ll be fine.

Once you’ve freed Feynriel, you’ll have a decision to make. You can either tell him to go to the Dalish or go back to the Circle. Your mages support the decisions to go to the Dalish, and Aveline, Fenris and Carver will support the decision to go to the Circle. It’s honestly just up to you as to which one you pick. Note that if you lean toward the Dalish side and tell Feynriel to make his own decision, you’ll get a few points with Isabela. Once you make your choice, you can go back and report the results to the mother to tie up the loose end.


All screenshots and references from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information from a “hard” playthrough unless otherwise noted.

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