Last of His Line - Dragon Age II Side Quest

Last of His Line - Dragon Age II Side Quest
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Last of His Line - Introduction

This is one of the early quests with clear callbacks to your choices in the original game. You’ll need to save the lord from the first assassins, and then clear the road to boat for him. This isn’t that hard, although you will need to be ready for a fight.

It should be a quick battle, if you can bring a tank and a rogue to help take out the toughest grunts. As a general rule, the attackers will also come from one direction. This means that your ranged fighters will be fairly safe if you can put someone in front of them.

Last of His Line - The Dwarf Lord

This is a fairly quick quest that you’ll be able to do in the Docks at some point in the first act. If you look, there should be a dwarf lord waiting at the end of the docks. He’ll be attacked by Carta assassins as you approach, so go ahead and join the fight. These guys aren’t too tough and there are three capable warriors standing around to draw fire too.

Once the coast is clear, you can talk to the lord for some backstory. He’ll be the last member of the house that you didn’t support in Origins, and he’ll need a little bit of help to make his escape. There are three remaining groups of assassins blocking his path to the ship on the left. You’ll need to kill them all to rescue him.

Last of His Line - Clearing the Way

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Last of His Line - Killing the Carta

Walk out and follow the road to the left to find the first group. They’ll offer you extra money to go back and kill the lord. If you want, you can take that option and be done slightly faster. Otherwise, reject the offer and attack the Carta assassin’s. There aren’t too many in the first group, and everyone but the lieutenant should die quickly. The second wave is also fairly weak. Just kill the grunts and then target the lieutenant to clear the first part of the road.

Continue on the path to find another group to the left. It’s basically the same as the first, so repeat your tactics. The third and final group is just past them. This one is a little tougher, because they have some dedicated warriors amongst them and not just basic assassins. Have the tank pick out the warriors and duke it out with them while your fighters and mages pick off the grunts.

Once you finish this fight, you can go back and get your reward. You’ll get a sovereign, and the promise of more to come once he’s safely away.


All screenshots and references from “Dragon Age 2.”

All information taken from a “hard” playthrough unless otherwise noted.

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