Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Finders Keepers

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - Finders Keepers
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Finders Keepers - Introduction

This is a very quick quest that you can do to get free favor and friendship with Isabela. You should be able to pick it up by talking to her at the Hanged Man Inn after you recruit her. the quest is fairly easy. Naturally, you should bring Isabela, she’s a great damage dealer. Try to bring a mage for crowd control and a tank who can pull up the raiders and let the rest work in peace. With this basic party, you should be able to handle the fight well.

Finders Keepers - Finding the Warehouse

This is a fairly quick companion quest for Isabela. She’s got a friend who wants you to kill some raiders and retrieve some cargo. That sounds right up our alley. Go to the Hanged Man to first talk to Isabela, then talk to Martin in his room at the back of the inn.

You can get your information by talking to the laborers on the dock. They’ll point you toward the harbor master, who will then point you to his assistant. The only way to easily get the information out of the assistant is to pay him 2 sovereigns. Hand over the money to get directions to a warehouse on the docks. Aveline doesn’t like this, so you may want to ditch her. If you want, you can apparently come back at night and just take the orders. If you do this, you’ll need to go to the warehouse at night too, since the quest changes.

Finders Keepers - Recovering the Cargo

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Finders Keeper - Killing the Raiders

The warehouse is guarded by raiders, but you should be able to choose the “Fire!” option to trick them into running off to investigate your fake threat. If you don’t pick this at first, just end the conversation and restart it. It will show up again.

Go inside, and have Varric disable the trap at the bottom of the stairs. The battle is just one big engagement in the center room with two waves. Keep your mage out of trouble and tank the grunts while a quick fighter runs around and shreds the archers. There should be an assassin and a reaver in the mix too. Make sure that the reaver focuses on your tank, because he can dish out a lot of damage. The assassin seemed a little weaker than the usual raider assassin, but you still should try and bring him down quickly. As usual, if you can take out the grunts, it’s fairly easy.

Go to the chest at the base of the docks to secure a sample of Martin’s cargo. It seems that he was a bit less than honest with us. Before you go, I suggest that you loot the chests in the side rooms. There may be traps, but they don’t really matter once you’re out of combat.

Report back to Martin to learn that he’s a “legit” poison dealer. You can either give it back to him or not. Giving him his cargo nets +10 friendship with Isabela and a future poison discount, so keep that in mind. Aveline doesn’t mind if you give it to him, but she prefers that you refuse to hand it over. Obviously this angers Isabela. .

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