Walkthrough of The Unbidden Rescue in Dragon Age II

Walkthrough of The Unbidden Rescue in Dragon Age II
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Where it All Starts

This bounty quest has an unusual outcome. Your rescue will come easy, and your main battle will be against the waves of angry, weak mercenaries. You actually probably don’t need to prepare much for this one. By the time the quest becomes available, you will probably have enough abilities and equipment to grind through the horde without any real difficulty.

The Unbidden Rescue - The Wounded Coast

There’s a wanted poster in the Hightown Market concerning the Viscount’s missing son. You can read this to trigger the quest. Go to the Viscount’s Keep and talk to the assistant to learn about the missing boy and your competition, The Winters.

You’ll get five points of friendship with Aveline for taking the quest and another 5 for finishing it.

Note that you might have to go to the Wounded Coast twice to get to the real thing if the rumor for Gunpowder Promise kicked over. The button for his camp seems to override it a bit. In that case, kill the spiders, talk to Javaris and then leave and go to the Wounded Coast again.

Take the low road and walk along it. You’ll run into a few rogue Tal-Voshoth, but you’ll ultimately find the Winters and the missing son at the camp. You’re too late to save his Qunari friend, but you’re certainly not done yet.

The Unbidden Rescue - Killing the Mercenaries

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - The Wounded Coast - The Unbidden Rescue

Ginnis and her mercenaries will attack. This is actually quite easy. The mercenaries have no health to speak of, so just have a fighter run around and shred them while a tank takes out Ginnis.

This is just the start though. A second wave is coming, but you will get a healing break. The second wave is a lot of mercenaries, but they’re all low health except for the commander. Just repeat your tactics. Have Aveline tank the commander while a fighter tears the archers and regular grunts up. Just keep your mage/mages back and firing out good general area attack spells to thin the horde.

The third attack is the hardest. You’ll have a lot of mercenaries and a commander to deal with, along with a tough assassin. He’ll jump around backstabbing people, so don’t let anyone have their health too low. If you attack aggressively, you can keep the grunts from ever building up. This will keep your mages safe from archers and let your tank focus on shrugging off the commander’s, and hopefully the assassin’s, attacks. Keep everyone healed and grind them both down to end the battle.

You can agree to take the boy back to the Viscount now, or explore a bit more while you’re here.

Once you take him back, you’ll have a chance to weigh in on the Qunari issue. Regardless of your choice, you’ll get 5 sovereigns as your reward.


All screenshots and references from “Dragon Age 2”.

This playthrough was done on “Hard” difficulty, unless otherwise noted.

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