Dragon Age 2 Guide - The Bone Pit

Dragon Age 2 Guide - The Bone Pit
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You get the chance to fight some dragons and clear out an ominously named mine for your old employer. The actual quest can be fairly difficult, so don’t rush into it and try to bring a well equipped party with a good damage dealer and tank. You’ll need to be able to take out some big targets.

I received this through my contact with Meeran, but it appears to be tied to another quest (The Herbalist’s Task). I assume it will work, in some form, for people who choose the smuggling path. If not, feel free to mention it in the comments below.

The Bone Pit - Entering the Mine

You can get this one by talking to Hubert in the market after you receive the letter. Seems that we need to figure out what went wrong at his mine, The Bone Pit. Talk to Hubert in the market and you’ll get the marker for The Bone Pit on your map. Head out there and walk into the camp. On the way, stop to pick up a small skeleton of the “Bearded Beast.”

There are some very weak looters in the camp, so dispatch them. Loot the camp and then move up into the mine itself. It seems that they have a bit of a dragon problem. The dragonlings are average fighters, but the Dragon is a bit of a pain. It can breathe a bit of fire and do a wing attack that knocks everyone around. Its roar can also stun everyone.

For the most part, just focus on the dragonlings at first, and don’t let anyone get pinned against the door. If that happens, the dragon will just tear them to shreds. Watch out for a few more dragonlings that can come down the steps, and otherwise just try to grind it out. The only special thing to do against the dragon is to have your tank pull it away from the group, while the others attack from behind. That limits its special attacks.

The Bone Pit - Clearing the Mine

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - The Bone Pit - The Dragonlings

You should be able to get some lyrium from the side of the cave. After that, move forward and up the steps to get away to the next area. Engage the second set of dragons. Just rinse and repeat your tactics. Move forward again and watch out for a Deep Mushroom you can grab. After that, you can get into the third set. There are a bunch of dragonlings, but they’re very split up, so this should be a bit easier.

Look in the sack on the upper level to get Eustice’s Pommel. Grab this to sweeten the reward more.

Follow the path through and get to the final survivor inside the cave behind the door. Talking to him reveals that there’s one very big dragon left. Once the miner makes a run for it, you can move out onto the ledge of The Bone Pit to face the dragon.

The Bone Pit - The Mature Dragon

Dragon Age 2 Walkthrough - The Mature Dragon in the Bone Pit

I actually had to knock the difficulty down to Normal to pull this off. The basics are pretty much the same. The mature dragon can stun the party or knock them around with a wing attack. It’s fire breath can do a lot of damage to just about anyone in front of it.

The basics are fairly easy though. Have your tank buff up its defense and draw the dragon away. The other three need to stay behind it. Use potions and healing spells to keep the tank alive while your mage and other two fighters wear away at the dragon from behind. Once this is in place, you basically just have to manage the grind.

You can loot the dragon once it’s dead for a fang that’s needed for an herbalist. Once you’re done, just use the exit to travel back to Hightown.

The Bone Pit - The Aftermath

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - The Bone Pit - Recruiting the Miners

We’re actually not done yet. Hubert will offer you a 50% share of the mine, which seems to be a good deal. You just have to convince the workers to come back. Technically this counts for “Get Back to Work” but it’s really simple.

Get Back to Work

Go to Lowtown and find the group of miners waiting outside. Your old friend will spot you and talk of your heroism, and you can also just tell them that you’re now a part owner in the mine and that you’ll protect them. This is enough to get them to go back. Report your success to Hubert to wrap it up.

Eustice’s Pommel

You can find Eustice in the barracks in the Viscount’s Keep. Go inside and open the door. Talk to her to automatically turn over the Pommel for a sovereign.

Remains of the Outlaw “Bearded Beast”

Go to the docks and find the marked dwarf by the pier. You can automatically hand over the remains of his father for 50 silver coins.


All screenshots and references come from “Dragon Age 2.”

This playthrough was played on “Hard” difficulty, except where noted.

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