Dragon Age 2 Guide - Tranquility

Dragon Age 2 Guide - Tranquility
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This quest has the nice advantage of being a big part of the main quest, and also an easy way to pick up Anders. You’ll be facing templars, as expected, but you won’t actually have to much trouble with them, since Anders is there as an invincible fifth party member. It’s also fairly quick. I also suggest that you bring Bethany to talk with Anders, as it makes things a bit easier.

Tranquility - Finding Anders

For this quest, you’ll meet a few old friends from Awakening. For now, go to Lirene’s Ferelden Imports and talk to her. She should eventually tell you all about the Grey Warden in the undercity. It seems that Anders (the mage from Awakening) has taken up residence there.

Go down into Darktown and walk over to the far side of the city. Open the double doors to find Anders. You should be able to calm him down easily, and learn about his troubles. You need to help him rescue his friend Karl. Now, if you’re paying attention to the quest name, you probably have some idea of the ending we’re approaching. Regardless, confirm that you’ll help him and then walk out of Darktown.

When you leave, a group of angry people will approach and ask why you were talking to Anders. If you have Bethany with you, she can instantly calm them down by pointing out her own status as an apostate Ferelden. You should be able to talk them down as well, unless you just really want a fight.

Tranquility - The Templar Ambush

Dragon Age II Walkthrough - Tranquilty - The Templars in the Chantry

When you’re ready, go to Hightown at night. Just walk up to the Chantry to find Anders and trigger the next event. Go up the steps to find Karl and trigger the ambush.

There are several templars here, but we also have the power of Anders backing us up. He’ll draw a lot of the templars’ attention and he’ll be able to sling out a lot of damage. For now, just focus on the first three rushers. They go down surprisingly fast for armored knights, so don’t be too worried. Have someone cut around to kill the two archers across from you, and try to have your tank ready to intercept the second wave.

The generic archers aren’t much of a threat. The hunter and lieutenant are the real threats, but if you back off they have a pretty good chance of just fruitlessly attacking Anders. Either way, keep them off of your own mage and then grind each down one at a time. There’s nothing special about this one.

Talk to Anders afterwards to figure out what’s happened. You’ll have to make a decision on whether you’ll put Karl out of his misery or not. It’s just a story choice, so make your pick. When it’s done, you’ll automatically leave and return to Anders’ home. He’ll explain his unique and new “ability” and explain that Justice is also around from Awakening.

If you want him, he’s now available as a companion too. He’s got some fairly powerful and unique options for magic, so it’s worth looking into.

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