Dragon Age 2 Character Creation Guide: Build Your Champion Player

Dragon Age 2 Character Creation Guide: Build Your Champion Player
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The sequel of Dragon Age: Origins is here! Yay! Bright Hub is here to help you through your fantastic rise to power. Dragon Age 2 Character Creation Guide will guide you through the Character Creation Process so you can build the Champion of your dreams! We will outline different build possibilities for each class and add other specific builds frequently. Please keep in mind that this guide is a work in progress. If you have any tips, hints, secrets, discoveries or fun stuff to share, feel free to contribute in the comments section below! Your comments are always appreciated!

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Dragon Age 2 Game Overview

Dragon Age 2 Character Build

In Dragon Age 2, you take the role of Hawke, a survivor of the blight. Through the game, Hawke will gain in power and influence, rising from a refugee to the legendary Champion of the lands. Through the story, the player will encounter several familiar faces from Dragon Age: Origins such as Flemeth and Merrill. The player is involved in a 10 years story full that is of full moral choices and the decisions you make will change the Dragon Age 2 history forever. Be ready to take on the Darkspawn army and numerous bad guys with the deadliest of allies

Dragon Age 2 Character Creation Guide

Character Creation

The Character Creation tool in Dragon Age 2 does not offer as much option as in Origins. In fact, there’s no race selection. Your character is a human with the last name of Hawke, male or female. This can give some pretty interesting character names like Tony Hawke, Faux Hawke or TomClancys Hawke. The limited Character creation allows for more immersive cinematics and storyline. This also gave the devs the opportunity to add in fully voiced responses to the characters.

Character Classes

  1. Warrior

The Warrior is the first of the three playable classes in the game. As you probably know, the warrior is fighting up close and personal with the enemy. He can absorbs tremendous amount of damage before falling in battle and primarily use melee weapons to destroy his enemies. The warrior takes Stamina from his Stamina Reserve to execute brutal attacks and abilities that damage or taunts the mobs. If you want the satisfaction of slicing through your enemies, the warrior class is a good choice!

Starting Base Stats (Without Bonus)

  • Health: 160
  • Stamina: 110
  • Strength: 13
  • Dexterity: 11
  • Willpower: 12
  • Magic: 11
  • Cunning: 11
  • Constitution: 12

In Dragon Age 2, the main role of the warrior is to tank and attract the attention of the monsters so the other classes can deal damage from safety. As a Warrior, you may want to distribute your points in Strength(for DPS), Constitution and Dexterity. Don’t waste too much point in Dex, and don’t be afraid to focus on Strenght for a Damage Dealer and Constitution for a Tank with the Taunt skill. There are two types of basic builds you can adopt with your warrior: Weapon and Shield and Two-handed. We know that these two branches are not the only path you can take. However, these are the most basics and we suggest maxing out one of these two branch before adding skill points to the others.

1.1) Weapon and Shield Warrior (Tank)

Weapon and Shield Dragon age 2

The Weapon and Shield Warrior is here to take and eat damage. He uses a Shield as an extra layer of protection in combination with a one-handed weapon (mace, blade or axe) to unleash hell on his enemies. This build basically trades the damage of a two-handed weapon for more protection. As a Defensive type of Warrior, your shield can be really useful to knockback or to stun enemies in the heat of battle. With this build, focus on Constitution.

Discover the other classes in the next pages!

1.2) Two-handed Weapon Warrior

Two-handed Weapon Warrior

This type of warrior is more offensive and wears two-handed weapons such as great swords, battle hammers and mauls. The Two-handed Warrior deals a lot of damage in close combat, and his weapon can hit multiple foes at once, making him great for crowd control and for killing large groups of weak enemies. However, you got to be careful when fighting a lot of enemies at once. You don’t want your two-handed warrior to get surrounded and hit in the back. To counter enemies trying to backstab you, try to circle around them and move frequently. With this build, focus on Strength.

  1. Mage

In Dragon Age 2, the mage is the class that unleash hell from a distance with powerful and highly destructive spells. This class has a lot of tactical potential and have an arsenal of spells for every situation. They can heal and buff allies or damage, weaken and destroy bad guys with their powerful AOE Spells. However, as all mages, this class is vulnerable to melee and need to be protected by warriors. The addition of the finishing moves for the mage makes this class even more exciting.

Starting Base Stats (Without Bonus)

  • Health 105

    Dragon Age 2 Mage Builds

  • Mana 160

  • Strength 11

  • Dexterity 11

  • Willpower 12

  • Magic 13

  • Cunning 12

  • Constitution 11

Several builds exists for a mage. It all depends what you want to do with your badass spell caster. For the attributes, the basic idea is to put points in willpower and magic, as the first will boost your mana pool and the other will boost your magic damage and DPS. You may want to add some points in constitution so your health bar doesn’t drop too quickly. If you want to heal and buff your allies and be a supportive type of caster, you may want to follow the Creation path. If you want to deal magic damage a wreck your opponents with fireballs and ice shards, follow the elemental and primal skill paths. It’s all up to you!

Note that some specific builds for the mage (DPS, Healer, etc) will appear on this page soon! Stay tuned!

  1. Rogue

The Rogue is the last of the three playable classes of Dragon Age 2. The rogue is the type of character that is going to do a lot of damage to a single target. We can call him the sneaky bastard of the game. With a Rogue as Main Character, you shouldn’t have any problems taking down bosses in the game! The Rogue fights with two daggers and can use a bow to destroy his enemies from a distance. This Class focuses on dealing critical damage, backstabs and dodging attacks. This class is not made to tank and be surrounded. When playing a Rogue, you don’t want to get ganked by numerous enemies.

In Dragon Age 2, the rogue is still the only class that can pick locks and disarm traps. That means you’ll want to keep Isabela or Varric in your party or choose this class yourself. If you get hit hard, take advantage of the Rogue mobility and go away from the combat zone to heal or to avoid damage. With a Warrior taunting the enemies by his side, the Rogue is a great asset to any team of warriors. When building a Rogue, focus on improving your Dexterity and Cunning. You may also want to learn stealth skills early on so you can sneak away from the battlefield when your health drops.

Starting Base Stats (Without Bonus)

  • Health 130
  • Stamina 135
  • Strength 11
  • Dexterity 13
  • Willpower 12
  • Magic 11
  • Cunning 12
  • Constitution 11

Dragon Age 2 Rogue Build

As a rogue, you have several choices for the type of build you want to play. The archery skill tree is very good and powerful if you want to play a support type of character. The Sabotage and Archery Skills make a powerful combination when you can shoot enemies when they’re stunned or fighting each other. The Scoundrel and Dual Weapon Skill Trees also tend to work very well together if you want to play a sneaky bastard backstabbing type of character. More information on the other rogue builds coming soon! Stay tuned my friends!

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