Dead Rising 2 Review

Dead Rising 2 Review
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September 28th brought about the release of Dead Rising 2. PS3 users are finally getting a chance to have a go at massive zombie mayhem! With the christmas season coming only a couple months after the Dead Rising 2 PS3 release, a lot of people want to know more about this game and are looking for a Dead Rising 2 review. Whether you’re an adult wanting some information to help you decide on a gift, or you’re a kid that found his or her parent’s present present hiding spot, this Dead Rising 2 review is for you.

Story (4 out of 5)

One of the most important aspects of a game is its story and there is a great story to be told in Dead Rising 2. PS3 users get to experience a story that starts five years after the events of the first Dead Rising game. In Fortune City, Nevada a man named Chuck and his daughter Katey come after the death of her mother and his wife at Willamete Mall. There is a TV show going on in that town called Payback, and chuck has came to compete in it so he can raise funds to buy “Zombrex”, an anti-zombifying injectory, for his daughter, who was bitten by her zombified mother.

You and Your Daughter

After the show an explosion happens and zombies flood in eating everyone in sight. Chuck gets to his daughter and escapes to a safe zone that survivors have gotten together at. Fortune city guard Sullivan is reluctant to let Chuck and his Daughter in, but agrees to do so as long as Chuck can continue to provide her with zombrex for the next three days while they wait for the military to come rescue them.

Finally we see Chuck watching a news broadcast and someone dressed up like him is shown planting the explosives that led to the zombie outbreak. Chuck has three days until the military gets there to arrest him and he has to clear his name by that time and be able to keep getting his daughter zombrex. That is the general story for Dead Rising 2. PS3 users will be delighted with the drama, action, and twists this story has to offer them.

Gameplay Single Player (5 out of 5)

In Dead Rising 2, gameplay players get to experience is the same gameplay experience that made the original Dead Rising such a hit on Microsoft’s console. The game has a lot of deadlines to keep up with, but not being able to meet these deadlines doesn’t equate to the end of the world, it just keeps you from getting to experience the whole storyline of Dead Rising 2. Gameplay that was missing in the original Dead Rising has opened up in this sequel. Dead Rising 2 PS3 players get the photo system replaced for the combo card system. In Dead Rising 2 every time you level up you can learn a new combo car that teaches a new combination of items to make a weapon.

Guitar Smash!

In case you are unfamiliar with the weapons of the Dead Rising franchise, you take any and everything you can find and transform it into your preferred method of zombie killing in Dead Rising 2. Gameplay in Dead Rising 2 lets you find a baseball bat and some nails and make a spiked bat, or you could go find a vacuum cleaner or leafblower and use that to send those same nails as a deadly projectile weapon. Who needs ninja stars? There seems to be no end to the possibilities of deadly killing combinations. This great chance for creative gameplay is the best part of Dead Rising 2. Gameplay in Dead Rising 2 easily gets five stars.

Multiplayer Gameplay (3 out of 5)

Team Up To Take Down

There is also a multiplayer mode to Dead Rising 2. PS3 users can play with other PS3 gamers in an actual Terror Is Reality gameshow. The cash you make in your multiplayer escapades can transfer over to your singleplayer experience, making completing the story easier on time. The major downside to the Terror Is Reality games is that if anyone quits the game the game ends immediately with none of the players gaining any money. To try and decrease the frequency of this occurring in Dead Rising 2 PS3 players get cash no matter how badly they do. As long as they have some sort of amount of points, even if they’re in dead last and getting “lapped” in points, each player will get something for their time. Most of the time this will keep the player ranked last from quitting and wasting the time of other Dead Rising 2 PS3 players.

In the multiplayer mode you can also co-op someone elses Dead Rising 2 PS3 single player game. It is an incredibly simple process. You submit to join a gam and, if accepted, help massacre some zombies until you get bored and decide to leave the game. On great thing is the Dead Rising 2 PS3 gamer is free to leave at any point. The only downside to the co-op gameplay is there are some Dead Rising 2 PS3 players that join a game only to go aorund causing trouble and killing your survivors.

Presentation (2 out of 5)

There were a few problems other than my bad experience with people screwing up the co-op in Dead Rising 2. PS3 user’s get the shaft in a few areas compared to the XBOX 360 version of Dead Rising 2. PS3 has amazing amounts of power, but this games graphics let it down. There is often screen tearing and there are times where the game is nearly unfunctional from such bad FPS problems. This is normally a problem when you’re trying to slaughter a substantial amount of the evil zombies in Dead Rising 2. PS3 users might be use to amazing soundtracks form other game, but Dead Rising 2 is mostly a rehash of the original when it comes to the Audio department. It really sounds like not to much work was put into the development of the Audio of the game. While the technical aspects of the game are not to stellar, the game atleast does pretty well in the style department. When the game doesn’t get slowed down or botchy its fun to watch the gore you can cause.

Rock On!

Final Score. (4 out of 5)

If you take the scores from the previous four sections and average them out you get a 3.5 for Dead Rising 2. PS3 gamers love bang for their buck and replayability, so I’m rounding up the final score to four stars. The game has plenty of chances for replayability, providing you with 7 different endings to play the game for. While you might think it would get repetitive the creative gameplay and the game’s uniqueness makes it a lot of fun and not just a completionist’s chore to get all the endings in Dead Rising 2. PS3 owners should definitely check this game out, its definitely worth the buy, but if you have any inhibitions about it just rent the game and le tit persuade you yourself.

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