Xbox 360 Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide: Whack the Undead and Rack Up the Gamer Points

Xbox 360 Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide: Whack the Undead and Rack Up the Gamer Points
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The first Dead Rising was a surprise smash for Capcom, an insane race against time to fight off a horde of shambling zombies, half horror, half slapstick. With Dead Rising 2, Capcom have upped the ante. You play Chuck Greene, a former motocross champion, who finds himself not only stuck in the malls and casinos of Fortune City while the zombie apocalypse is kicking off around him, but blamed for it all as well. Chuck has only 72 hours not only to escape and prove his innocence, but to also save his daughter’s life.

Of course, Chuck will do this by whacking zombies with as many implements as he can lay his hands on. The original Dead Rising featured some great Xbox 360 Achievements, and its sequel is no different. So let’s start off our Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide by looking at what Gamer Points you get for walloping the undead.

Zombie and Psychopath Killing Achievements

Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide - Zombie Killing Achievements

As befits a game that is in essence about slaughtering as many undead in new and innovative ways as possible within a 72 hour period, the biggest chunk of Dead Rising 2’s Achievements revolve around inflicting mass zombie genocide:

  • Zombie Slaughter (20G): Chuck’s just getting warmed up - 500 Zombies splatted will unlock this award.
  • Zombie Destruction (20G): By now you should be nicely knee deep in gore, having offed more than 5,000 zombies to get this Achievement.
  • Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder (20G): Contender for the single best named 360 Achievement ever, stack up 53,596 zombie corpses to complete this.
  • Zombie Genocide Master (20G): Average 1,000 dead zombies an hour in the game - 72,000 in total - to prove you are it when it comes to pummeling the shambling remnants of humanity.
  • Zombie Fu (20G): Who needs all those handy weapons? Get up close and personal and take 1,000 zombies with your bare hands to get this reward.
  • Wrong Kind Of Chopper (20G): Splatter 1,000 undead while Chuck is perched on a motorcycle.
  • Having A Gas (20G): Wipe out 1,000 of Dead Rising 2’s “Special” zombies for this Achievement.
  • Smashy (20G): Use the Smash skill move to take 100 undead.
  • Stick ‘em Up (20G): There should be laws against this sort of cruelty to zombies. To unlock this particular Achievement, you need to try and cover a single zombie in as many weapons and items as you can get your hands on before it finally expires.
  • Vigilante Justice (20G): It’s not just the dead that are bugging Chuck Greene - sadly the collapse of society tends to bring out all sorts of nut jobs. Take down 5 of the game’s Psychopaths for this reward.
  • Judge, Jury and Executioner (20G): And for this award, defeat 10 of the Psychopaths.

Weapon Achievements

Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide - Weapon Achievements

Dead Rising 2 is packed with even more weapons of every conceivable type (and some you wouldn’t normally even consider), so it’s only fair you get a few 360 Achievements for unleashing them upon the zombie hordes:

  • He Hasn’t Covered Wars (20G): Riddle the walking corpses with bullets from each of the different firearms in DR2 to unlock this one.
  • Head Trauma (20G): Stove in zombie cranium with every single melee weapon available in the game and you get this award.
  • Death From Afar (20G): This is the equivalent Achievement for ranged weapons.
  • Explosive Temper (20G): Watch limbs go flying all over the mall by using every type of explosive device on poor, unsuspecting dead people.
  • Slaughter - S = Laughter! (20G): Where would Dead Rising 2 be without the vast gamut of improvised and novelty weapons to wield, and if you discover and employ them all, you get this Achievement.
  • Needs More Chainsaw (20G): As if the pre-supplied weaponry wasn’t enough, Dead Rising 2 allows you to create your own. The first time you concoct a Combo weapon you get this award. See the Combo Cards Achievements section later for more info.
  • Duct Tape FTW (20G): If you manage to put together all the available Combo weapons in the game, you unlock this.

Combo Card Achievements

Dead Rising 2 features Combo Cards, some scattered around Fortune City itself, others in possession of the friends and foes you encounter during your 72 hour adventure. These Combo Cards act as “recipes” for the various Combo weapons in the game - you don’t need them to create a particular Combo weapon, but it will save a lot of trial and error, and you get a nice Prestige Point bonus if you have them on you when concocting a Combo. Here are the related Achievements:

  • Curiously Inventive (20G): Discover all the Combo Cards hidden within the confines of Fortune City.
  • Life Saver (20G): Receive all the available Survivor Combo Cards from thankful civilians you’ve rescued.
  • Tough Guy (20G): Collect all the available Combo cards held by Dead Rising 2’s Psychopaths.
  • Half Deck (20G): Obtain 25 or more of the available Combo Cards.
  • Full Deck (20G): Find all of the Combo Cards in Dead Rising 2.

SPOILER ALERT! The following is the secret Achievement in Dead Rising 2, so look away now if you don’t want to know:

  • Tape It Or DIE! (20G): Find the secret Combo Card in Dead Rising 2.

Survivor Achievements

Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide - Survivor Achievements

Answer Chuck’s pager and seek out and save the poor bedraggled survivors of Fortune City’s zombie apocalypse to unlock this batch of 360 Achievements:

  • Come On! Follow Me! (20G): Convice 8 Survivors to follow you at the same time (not always easy in the middle of rampaging zombies) and then escort them to a safe location to complete this one.
  • Saving The Day (20G): Every life saved counts, but more is better - 10 Survivors rescued will get you this reward.
  • Hero of Fortune City (20G): Overcome all odds and escort 50 Survivors to safety for this Achievement.

Clothing and Item Achievements

Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide - Item and Clothing achievements

Few things are more satisfying than bludgeoning in zombie brains while dressed in a fetching little polka dot dress, or so Capcom would have us believe, judging by some of these Achievements:

  • Fashion Afficionado (20G): Root through the racks and change into at least 10 different items of clothing and you unlock this.
  • Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser? (20G): Find and wear all the available clothes in DR2 at least once to get this reward.
  • Bartender (20G): Forget about your worries for a while, mix your first drink and receive this award.
  • Look At All That Juice! (20G): Concoct and consume every type of mixed drink in the game. Battling zombies under the influence is not recommended.
  • Finally Full (20G): If, after all that drinking, you find yourself with the munchies, then eat an example of every food type in the game to unlock this Achievement.
  • Window Shopper (20G): Enter all the shops in the Fortune City Mall.
  • Masquerade (20G): Manage to place masks on at least 10 zombies at one time to unlock this.
  • Improper Behavior (20G): Indulge in some mindless vandalism and spraypaint over all the Zombrex posters in Fortune City.
  • Custom Finish (20G): Personalize your motor bike with its very own custom paint job.

Game Mode Achievements

These Dead Rising 2 Achievements are rewarded for completing goals within the game:

  • Apprentice Rising (20G): Build up your Prestige Points by rescuing Survivors and reach Level 25 to receive this award.
  • Professional Rising (20G): The equivalent Achievement for reaching Level 50.
  • Justice Served (20G): Complete Dead Rising 2’s Overtime Mode.
  • Better With A Friend (20G): Dead Rising 2 ramps up the fun when played in Co-op Mode. You get this Achievement for solving all the game’s Case Files while playing with a friend.
  • Don’t You Die On Me! (20G): Show you care by reviving your fellow player in Co-op Mode to get this reward.
  • Rising Star (20G): Place First in any one of the game’s TIR events.
  • TK’s Favorite (20G): Play and win in each of Dead Rising 2’s 9 TIR events to unlock this Achievement.
  • Win Big! (20G): End an entire TIR episode in First place.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Dead Rising 2 Achievement Guide - Miscellaneous Achievements

As if all the previous Achievements weren’t enough to sate your lust for Gamer Points, Dead Rising 2 still has a few more rewards up its sleeve:

  • Big Spender (20G): Blow $6,000,000 in Fortune City. You won’t be the last gullible tourist to do so.
  • Father Of The Month (20G): You have to feel sorry for Chuck’s daughter Katey. Not only does she spend most of the game locked up in a safe room, but she also has the constant threat of turning into a zombie if she doesn’t receive her daily dose of Zombrex hanging over her. Brighten up her day by giving her a gift to unlock this Achievement.
  • Father Of The Year (20G): Spoil Katey rotten and give her every gift in Dead Rising 2 for this reward.
  • Data Miner (20G): Fill in all the entries in Chuck’s handy notebook.
  • Clean Record (20G): Complete “The Facts” in DR2.
  • The Skill To Survive (20G): Tame Snowflake the Tiger. Do not then proceed to put your head in its mouth.


So there we have it: all 50 of the Dead Rising 2 Achievements for Xbox 360. Some will be pretty easy, some will be a struggle against the pressure of the 72 hour clock and some (especially the zombie killing ones) will just be a blast. What is for sure is that if you manage to complete all 50 Achievements and gain all 1,000 Gamer Points in Dead Rising 2, you will have left a whole lot of carnage behind you in Fortune city.