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Dawn of War 2 Mods
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Dawn of War 2 mods

In the months leading up to the release of Dawn of War 2, statements from Relic Entertainment caused many to believe that the game would be unmoddable. This was proven to not be the case, as the first Dawn of War 2 mods were released during the game’s open beta within a few days. Since that time, Relic has provided a map editor to allow players to create custom maps and a number of fans have created tools which allow other types of modding to be possible as well. Members of the modding community share their tools and creations in forums such as the official Relic community forums and fan sites such as the RelicNews forums as well.

Copes Whatever Tool for DoW2 by Copernicus

Jeff Lydell, project lead for Dawn of War 2, has stated in interviews that the development team knows that modding is important to fans of the game and that they are looking at ways to allow for easier mod creation and integration. He also mentioned that the development team was looking at the tools that the modding community has already made so that future Relic tools would complement existing community tools instead of overlapping them in function.

Dawn of War 2 mods - Community-Made Tools

Santos Tools 2 by Santos

The Dawn of War 2 online fan community has been dedicated to creating tools which allow for the creation of Dawn of War 2 mods. Tools such as “Cope’s Whatever Tool” by Copernicus let users easily change game attributes and offers the option for users to create their own add-ons to expand this functionality. “Santos' Tools 2” by Santos expand on the functions of the original Santos' Tools for Dawn of War, letting users import unit models into 3DS Max and export new and changed models into the game. Other community tools have been created to make packing Dawn of War 2 mods into game archives easier, loading user maps into the game, and editing in-game text without having to make the changes to the appropriate files by hand.

Gameplay and Unit Mods

Dawn of Warhammer 40k 2 by HorusHeretic and Mirage Knight

Dawn of War 2 mods have been created for both the singleplayer and multiplayer portions of the game, adjusting unit stats, weapons, and even the units that are available in the game. Mods have even been made for the DLC game mode “The Last Stand”, editing the heroes, wargear, and enemy waves in various ways. Some Dawn of War 2 mods are group projects for balance testing or tournament purposes, while others have been the vision of a single creator who wants to play the game in certain ways.

Men of the 89th by Eihger

In addition to making simple changes to wargear and unit stats, some mods such as “Dawn of Warhammer 40k 2: Warpstorm over Aurelia” by HorusHeretic and Mirage Knight seek to add a variety of new units to the game from 40k races that have not yet been introduced in Dawn of War 2. Other mods like “Men of the 89th” by Eihger take assets that already exist in-game and use them to great effect to drastically alter the singleplayer campaign.

Community Maps

Ozymandias by Ira Aduro

Though community maps don’t get as much attention as some of the more high-profile Dawn of War 2 mods, they represent an integral part of the modding community. Since the WorldBuilder map creation tool is included with the game, mapping is one of the most accessible types of modding for the game. Numerous users have created maps for others to play, including maps for the “Free for All” multiplayer mode introduced with the release of the Chaos Rising expansion. Map packs have been created as well, allowing players to add several maps to their game at once to increase their map options.

Sunrise in the Hive by Brcasius

Maps such as “Koth” by LondonDuncan provide players with new “Free for All” options, while maps like “Ozymandias” by Ira Aduro and “Sunrise in the Hive” by Brcasius let players experience AI skirmishes and multiplayer battles on new terrain.