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    • Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising Review
      "Dawn of War II - Chaos Rising" is the first expansion to THQ and Relic Entertainment's popular 2009 title "Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II." As with past Relic expansions, Chaos Rising adds new units to the original game's armies as well as a new singleplayer campaign and multiplayer faction.
    • Dawn Of War II Wargear: Choose Your Weapon
      One of several RPG elements included in Dawn Of War II is Wargear. Wargear is basically another name for items, such as armor and weapons, which can be added to squads. Wargear isn't hard to grasp, but the lack of documentation on Relic's part means that some nuances are often missed.
    • Dawn Of War II Guide: Space Marine General Strategy
      The Space Marines are a great race for players looking to get into multi-player. You will be familiar with them from the campaign and Space Marine units are hard to kill, which is good for beginners. There are, however, some common pitfalls a new Space Marine player should avoid.
    • The Two Best Dawn of War 2 Mods
      Dawn of War 2 is a great game, and like any great game on the PC, it's been modded. Let's take a look at what Dawn of War 2's craziest and most dedicated fans can offer.
    • Dawn of War 2: Retribution Review
      Dawn of War 2: Retribution is the second expansion to THQ and Relic Entertainment's award-winning Dawn of War 2. Retribution features six campaigns, a new multiplayer race, and adds to the survival mode "The Last Stand." DoW2 Retribution mixes more classic RTS action with Dawn of War II gameplay.
    • Dawn of War 2 Mods
      Though many people originally thought that Dawn of War 2 would be unmoddable, there are actually a number of Dawn of War 2 mods and maps available for players to enjoy. Many of the tools used to create these mods are fan made, though Relic has released an editor to aid in map creation.
    • Dawn of War I and Dawn of War II: What is the Next Step?
      Ever wonder what game mechanics and balance issues in Dawn of War I could be learned from in making the sequel Dawn of War II? Read on to see why Relic should maintain game balance and online playability as its primary goals for future adjustments.
    • Dawn Of War II: Eldar Hero Guide
      The Eldar aren't your typical elves. Filled with a blood-lust and ready to kill anyone who threatens their ancient race - and quite a few who don't - the Eldar are fast and precise. Their heroes require a lot of micro-management, but if that's your bag, you can pull off some incredible tactics.
    • Dawn Of War II Guide: Space Marine Heroes
      The Space Marines have the toughest squads in Dawn Of War II, but their heroes are surprisingly vulnerable. Never fear, however; while a Tech-Marine may not be that tough, he has a wealth of abilities that make up for it, and the other heroes are similarly capable when well used.
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