Call of Duty Games: What should come after Modern Warfare 3?

Call of Duty Games: What should come after Modern Warfare 3?
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The Call of Duty Franchise Current Status

Call of Duty games have been around for some time and taken us to the theatres of World War II and into modern combat with several games in that era. Now with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 announced we will see more of the same modern warfare except in different settings such as New York. While these games have been fun they haven’t changed that much or offered anything that changed the franchise completely. Call of Duty has been a good shooter over its years but it’s time to change the formula or at least explore some new eras to open the game up with some fresh content. Call of Duty Black Ops for example was a good game but in reality, it wasn’t much different from any of the Modern Warfare games. After Modern Warfare 3, the game should switch gears and go into an entirely new era. Let’s explore some of my ideas.

Call of Duty: Earth Defense Force

It’s far into the future and you play as a marine assigned to help repel an impending alien invasion. The game would naturally feature all new weapons, introduce armor and have a full range of different vehicles to operate. The game would have land, sea, air, and space missions. The environment should be fully destructible and allow the player to wander around some. In the past games your path was always set no matter how great the terrain around you looked you really couldn’t explore the area enough to full fully immersed in the game. Like in previous games, players could be different characters. This would give the game life again and move away from the stale modern warfare feel and put players far into the future.

Call of Duty: Swords and Castles

In this Call of Duty version, you play as a knight of the king. This game would have a Mount and Blade feel to it and feature a lot of close combat action. In the game, you travel around England and help defend various castles from invasion. Players could be swordsmen, archers, pikemen, and other classes. This game would be completely different from the typical Call of Duty shooter concept we have come to love but it’s an idea the franchise needs to freshen it up. Multiplayer modes could include a jousting arena and other one on one style combat. There could be a castle defense mode where one team holds the castle and another tries to storm it. Other ideas would be to take the same concept and apply it to ancient Roman times. Players could be legionaries or gladiators in the game.

Multiplayer Options

Call of Duty

The heart of Call of Duty has been the multiplayer features. For new players the multiplayer is less than friendly. For example, your level one and you enter the game and almost immediately, you die five times by someone who is level 50 with all the weapons and perks. This happens multiple times and the new player is just left frustrated while the veteran keeps padding his or her statistics on the new person. The game should offer a tier system that would work just like the rookie, regular, veteran, and elite single player modes. The multiplayer would still offer all the other modes but the have this new tier system too. In the new tier system, a rookie would enter the game and only play against players say level one to fifteen. This would give new players a chance to explore the maps and the basic weapons in the game while learning how to play. It would offer fairness and much better game play. Once the player mastered the rookie tier, they could move onto the next tier and gain access to new weapons. Once the player masters all tiers they could stay in the last tier and keep playing. No one could go back to the tiers and pick on players under them to pad their statistics. This could bring plenty of new players to the game while still offering the same modes as before for the veterans to the game.

The Call of Duty Franchise Future

There is no doubt that Call of Duty 3 will be a good game. The recently released trailer looks great and we should get a great shooter. It’s time however that the game starts exploring new eras and tries something different. There’s only so much you can do wit the modern warfare concept and a new direction should take place. Going into the future is the best idea, although the ancient past would be cool too. What are your thoughts on the game? I’ve enjoyed Call if Duty but I now want something new.


Article is author’s own views on the Call of Duty franchise.

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