What is the Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Custom Class?

What is the Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Custom Class?
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Introduction - What is the Best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Custom Class?

Obviously, the best Modern Warfare 2 custom class is the one that works for you, but some players struggle to make sense of the multitude of different combinations possible with the variety of weapons, equipment and Perks that Infinity Ward built into Modern Warfare 2 and combine them into a competitive multiplayer loadout. In this article we’ll look at three of the archetypal custom classes that leading MW2 players have developed in the months since the game’s launch and weight up which one is overall the best custom class in Modern Warfare 2.

The Speed Merchant

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Favela Map

Prolific in the early months of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, the Speed Merchant’s effectiveness has been slightly hampered by some of the balance patching introduced since the game’s lauch, but it still remains a dangerous opponent, and a great choice for players who like to be involved constantly in the action.

Everything about the Speed Merchant is geared towards mobility, striking fast and moving swiftly on. For that reason, the Perk combination of Marathon Pro, Lightweight Pro and Commando Pro are essential. Weapons are less important until you level up into the forties and beyond when Akimbo shotguns become available, as your aim is to use your knife to take out unsuspecting and slow-witted foes with a minimum of fuss, so look at powerful handguns for the lower levels. Equipment-wise, frag grenades are a bit of a waste and not worth using, but pack stun or smoke grenades to help beat hasty retreats when needed. Semtex may appeal to the more devilish player.

The Speed Merchant is less powerful than in Modern Warfare 2’s early days, when every game seemed littered with people haring around the place, but for tight, winding maps like Invasion and Karachi, it remains a highly useful layout. In more open areas such as Afghan and Wasteland, the Speed Merchant will get mown down long before it can get in close and do harm, and a laggy connection is a killer with this custom class, due to its reliance on melee. For those always wanting to be involved in the thick of the action, the Speed merchant is an entertaining class to play, if more than slightly annoying for your opponents.

The Tank

Modern Warfare 2 Exploding Car

The Tank is a great loadout for those players looking to progress quickly through the earlier levels. You’re unlikely to build up the really big killstreaks and launch a tactical nuke with this class, but it will get you a consistent range of kills each time before you bite the bullet.

The Tank is designed around dealing damage, pure and simple. The M4A1 assault rifle with a red dot sight fitted is its primary weapon, with a shotgun like the SPAS12 for clearing out corridors. Stopping Power is the constant Perk in this layout, to take down foes with the minimum of effort. During the earlier levels select Sleight of Hand and Steady Aim to complement, although you can swap these for other Perks, especially Bling and Scrambler later on.

The Tank is a pretty flexible custom class, and will work well on most maps. This, combined with its consistent ability to inflict damage, should see you start to swiftly level.

The Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 Player with Assault Rifle

For the sniping enthusiast, Modern Warfare 2 presents plenty of goodies to get your teeth into. A range of weapons, equipment and Perks specifically tailored to the invisible assassins of the battlefield make building a sniper loadout a joy - as long as you can use a scope.

For weapons, the Barret .50 Cal is a must, with a thermal scope attached. Your secondary weapon is less important, since you don’t want to be getting in close and dirty with anyone. Claymores will protect your snipers nest. For Perks, Cold Blooded and Scrambler will provide you with the nearest thing to battlefield invisibility, while Steady Aim Pro is a must for looking down the scope. You can swap out Cold Blooded for Stopping Power if you’re confident you can remain undetected.

This class is ideal for Wasteland, Estate, Derail and Highrise, and usable on most levels if you’re a good player. How effective it is ultimately comes down to how good a shot you are and how skilled you are in making the most of secret spots in Modern Warfare 2 maps.


So which custom class is the best in Modern Warfare 2? If only such a straight answer was possible. The Speed Merchant and the Ghost, the two opposite ends of the multiplayer spectrum, are reliant not only on your own skills but sadly your connection - lag is a major problem for either of these custom classes. The Tank is a consistent killing machine, but a little limited as the higher levels unlock. The best answer is to swap between all three, or other combos you create, depending on the needs of the map and the game-type. Master the gameplay of all three and you will be well on your way to becoming the ultimate killing machine in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

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