Guide to The Best Modern Warfare 2 Classes in Call of Duty 4

Guide to The Best Modern Warfare 2 Classes in Call of Duty 4
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Offence Class: Fast and Hard

This class is for going on the offensive early in the game and keeping your opponents guessing where you are. If they can’t find you, they can’t kill you. To play this, you’ll mostly want to keep behind the enemy lines and always be flanking them, while the rest of your team distracts them.

Primary: Any SMG. The P90 works well, as does the UMP. Definitely add a silencer.


Secondary: A shotgun. The Spas is an amazing weapon, but you may want to go with the AA-12 for it’s room-clearing power.

Extras: Semtex grenades work wonders on campers. Stun grenades will keep the enemy from turning around before you kill them.

Perks: Marathon is nice for the constant running. Alternatively, use Sleight of Hand so your reloading doesn’t get you killed. Scavenger helps if you’re doing really well and need more bullets. You’ll almost definitely want Stopping Power. Cold Blooded keeps you off of UAVs, but the majority of your stealth will be from your silencer. For the third perk you’ll want either Steady Aim for those panic kills and shotgun help, or you’ll want Ninja Pro for the silent footsteps. Use Martyrdom as your deathstreak to get revenge kills if you’re doing poorly.

Killstreaks: UAV is essential for knowing where your opponents are. Unless you’re doing extremely well, stick with Predator and Harrier, low streaks since you’ll be behind enemy lines so often that you might not make it beyond a seven streak.

Offence Class: Slow and Steady

This particular class is the opposite of the one above. You’ll be pushing forward, using cover as much as possible, and trying to drive the enemy back without getting behind them. You’ll take a lot of fire, but you should be able to return just as much.

Primary: The RPD is ideal for putting as many bullets into one place as you can at a time. Slap a grip on it and you’re good to go.

Secondary: RPGs if you want to be versatile and take out both enemy campers and air support. Stingers if air support is your biggest problem.


Extras: Frag Grenades are great for chucking into the distance, further than a semtex. Or, Blast Shield to weather the explosions you’re bound to walk into. Flash Grenades will explode in mid-air in an area; they won’t completely blind players used this way, but the hit markers will tell you if anyone is in the area.

Perks: You won’t be moving much, so ignore Marathon. Bling is good if you need a sight for your gun. Otherwise, Sleight of Hand allows you to reload the RPD in less than an hour. Scavenger lets you pick up more RPG/Stinger ammo, though, so if you use those more than your gun then you may want them. Stopping Power is wonderful with the RPD, but if you use the RPG more often, Danger Close can be more beneficial. Steady Aim helps the RPD, but the third perk doesn’t matter as much. Run Scrambler if you want to farm it’s challenges, or Sitrep to know if you’re about to explode on a claymore. Painkiller works as a deathstreak if you spawn near the action, but you may want Final Stand to get a last-second RPD kill.

Killstreaks: UAV is nice, but others on your team should be using them. Predator can net you an easy Harrier, which will get you to Chopper Gunner or AC-130 easily if it’s not shot down.

Defense Class: Ranged Support

This class is all about the range. The more range you have against your opponents, the better off you are. In MW2, this means sniping. Just be careful you’re not trying to snipe on a map that doesn’t lend itself to sniping.

Primary: The Barrett is a great gun, with more accuracy and a higher rate of fire than the Intervention. The Wazoo and the M21 are both even faster firing and more accurate, but take two shots to kill instead of one. Which gun you use is up to your personal preference. For attachments, be willing to swap. Thermal if your opponents aren’t the type to use Cold-Blooded. Heartbeat Sensor is great to let you know if someone is sneaking up behind you; just listen for the beep.

Secondary: You may be tempted to use a shotgun, but if your opponent is in medium range, you’ll die every time. Instead, a machine pistol is your best bet. The PP2000 has virtually no recoil and can ruin anyone


in front of you. The G18, especially akimbo, can put bullets quickly into your opponent before they know what hit them.

Extras: Claymores are good, but be sure you know how to use them. Also, to anyone using Sitrep, they’re a giant ‘sniper here’ flag. Semtex grenades can help if you know someone is coming that can out-gun you. Smoke grenades can cover your escape, as well.

Perks: Bling if you want to put multiple attachments on your sniper rifle. Otherwise, Sleight of Hand gives you a fast reload when you’re low on bullets, and the faster aim down sights can come in handy. No matter which rifle you use, Stopping Power will help guarantee a one-shot kill. Definitely use it if you’re using a silencer. Otherwise, Hardline can help you get your killstreaks sooner, or cold-blooded can keep you off the enemy radar. Commando can help you with a last-second save, and Commando Pro is great for a quick escape. Otherwise, Ninja can keep you from being spotted by enemies with heartbeat sensors. Steady Aim Pro lets you hold your breath for steadying your sniper rifle far longer than normal, so if you prefer to take a while to aim, use it. Martyrdom is always a good screw you style deathstreak.

Killstreaks: UAVs help you know when you’re being snuck up on. Sentry Guns can help protect your back. Harriers and Chopper Gunners/AC-130s are good to shoot for, but unless you’re set up in the middle of the action, you might not have enough players to kill. You could also throw a Care Package out into the open and use it as a decoy, to kill any enemies who go for it.

Defense Class: Hard Point

This class is all about defending one spot. This is most useful for domination and other game types where enemies have to lay on a point for a length of time. You’ll be hard to kill, but it’ll be hard for you to get kills as well. You’re a team player with this build.

Primary: Riot Shield. Always remember to crouch with it when you even think an enemy may be nearby. Aim slightly down if they shoot at your feet, or aim up if they knife you. Remember, only use the shield bash AFTER they knife, because when you swing the shield you’re vulnerable.


Secondary: Whatever you like. RPGs are fun to shoot off point-blank to kill yourself and another guy. Or you could use a shotgun to pick off players getting near you.

Extras: C4 packs are 100% necessary; they will be your primary means of killing players. Smoke grenades help if you throw them a bit beyond the point you’re defending, so you can see the enemy coming but they can’t see you ahead of time.

Perks: Scavenger. You need it to restore your C4 and smoke grenades. Danger Close, so your C4 is almost guaranteed a kill. Your third perk doesn’t matter, but Last Stand is a good ‘screw you’ end of life, and Sitrep lets you see when the enemy is tossing grenades your way. Martyrdom for your deathstreak.

Killstreaks: UAV, Counter-UAV or Care Package, and Sentry or Predator. You probably won’t be getting these killstreaks, so no sense in shooting for a 10-streak with a shield.

Gimmick Class: Infintie Explosions

Most of you already know this class; it’s the OMA tubes. It’s undeniably useful, however. Just only use your tubes when you know you can, and keep your gun out so you don’t get blindsided around a corner firing a dud.

Primary: Any assault rifle. The Scar is high damage and excellent for when you run out of explosives and can’t OMA. Obviously, the grenade launcher attachment is necessary.

One Man ArmyPro

Secondary: RPGs, if you’re using Scavenger. None, if you’re using OMA.

Extras: Claymores are fun to lay at a corner and then leave the area. Otherwise, Semtex or Frags, to take advantage of Danger Close. Flash Grenades help to know where an enemy may be.

Perks: One Man Army for the true OMA Tube class build. Use OMA to switch to the same class you already use and it’ll refill your ammo. Otherwise, Scavenger to pick up packs from people you kill and refill your tubes. Danger Close for your explosive power. Sitrep helps know where campers are, and thus where to launch a tube. Otherwise, Commando helps with mobility and close-encounter stabs. Martyrdom for a deathstreak.

Killstreaks: Play with the class for a while and see how you do. If you die often, use UAV, Predator, Harrier. If you die less often, use Predator, Harrier, Chopper Gunner/AC-130. If you almost never die, run whatever you want to farm. Stealth Bombers with Danger Close will ruin almost a full map. EMPs are always fun to call in. Obviously, nukes are nukes.

Gimmick Class: Jack the Ripper, aka Blade Runner

Most of you probably know this class too, having been the source of much frustration since the game first debuted. Just remember you have a gun, and can use it sometimes.

Primary: Any SMG. The MP5K is fun, and the Vector is a bullet hose. Use whatever attachments you need for showdowns.

Secondary: You have a few options. Akimbo USPs supposedly have a knife speed as fast as Tactical Knife. Otherwise, any handgun with Tactical Knife.

Extras: Semtex grenades are good. Tactical Insertions can let you get behind enemy lines and stay there. Stun and Flash grenades


let you stop a room when you rush in to stab everyone.

Perks: Marathon so you never have to stop running. Lightweight so you run as fast as you possibly can. Commando so you can stab people from as far away as you can, and so you can jump off of tall buildings and cliffs without dying when you hit the bottom. Painkiller is the standard deathstreak, used so you can rush through bullets and still stab a guy.

Killstreaks: This is another class where you assigns your streaks given how you manage to play. Chances are, though, you’re not going to get an EMP or a Nuke with just the knife and a SMG, so you’ll want to use something a bit lower. UAV lets you know where the enemy is so you can stay behind them. Counter UAV jams the enemy radar so they can’t tell when their allies are dying. Care Package will get you something fun most of the time. Predator will net you a couple of easy kills.

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