Find All of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations

Find All of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Intel Locations

Just like its predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has hidden laptops scattered all throughout the game for completionists and trophy/achievement hounds. There’s a lot of them scattered throughout the game and some are better hidden than others, so your best bet is to take this guide into the field with you. Good luck!

Act One


After you come out of The Pit (the training course area) head North from the stairs towards the guard tower. You’ll find a laptop on a bench beneath the tower.

Team Player

At one point in this mission, you’ll fight your way through a school. Towards the end of the school segment, you’ll pass through some rooms that are turquoise and white with columns in the middle. You’ll know this section is coming up when Sgt. Foley says “I saw one of them head into the classroom.” The first laptop is in that classroom, on a desk against the wall.

Soon afterwards, you’ll exit the school. As you leave, look for a yellow cab. The second laptop is on a crate next to that cab.


There are three intel items in this mission. After you split up with Soap, before you enter the base, look to your right for a big tower. It’ll be hard to miss, even in the storm. The first laptop is up the ladder.

You’ll find the next laptop after you plant the C4 and rendezvous with Soap in a ditch behind the hangar. Meet up with him, but don’t follow him right away. Instead, turn around and head the opposition direction, going behind the adjacent warehouse. You should see the intel through a window in the warehouse.

The third intel item can be found during the snowmobile chase, where you’ll have to drive over it to pick it up. Bear with me, as this is going to be tricky to explain. Out of all of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 intel locations, this is the one that you may have to try for multiple times. When you start the snowmobile chase, stick to the right. When you’re about 1900m from the waypoint, slow down. You should soon see a wooden fence on your right, which lets you know you’re in the right location. There will also be a shack (pictured) on the right of the path. The laptop is hidden in the trees across the path from the shack.



When you hit the ground in the favela, take the leftmost path. When you hit the corner, turn right and you should see a motorcycle. The laptop is the building to the left of the bike, the white building with the huge window.

Once you pass the dog attacks and you’re about 75m from the objective, look for a red brick house that has a ladder leading up to it. The laptop is right inside that house.

This next intel is close by. Exit the building with the previous laptop, heading southeast, and into the adjacent brick building (pictured). The laptop is next to a bed.

As you get closer the “capture” marker, you need to climb a steep set of stairs that leads to a flaming car. Pass the car and enter the building on the right and then head downstairs to find the laptop.

That’s all of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 intel locations for the first act of the game.

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Modern Warfare 2 Intel Items - Act Two


The first laptop in this level is hard to miss. It’s inside the Nova Gas Station, behind the checkout counter.

The second laptop is outside of Burger Town, in a dumpster. The dumpster is in an enclosed area on the left of the building.

For the third laptop, head to Taco Togo. It’s inside the building, on a table in the dining area.

North of Nate’s Restaurant lies the CRB Financial Building. The fourth laptop is in the Online Banking section. Head in here as early as possible, because later it will be crawling with soldiers.

The Hornet’s Nest


After the first firefight, past the white truck, you’ll find a red garage door on your right. Head into the red and yellow house and you’ll find the laptop on a table.

Soon after, you’ll enter a big open area strewn with trash and weeds. Keep to the very left and you’ll find the intel in a small shack just past the basketball hoop.

The third laptop is near Pelayo’s ice cream shop, on the second floor of the connected building. You can either go through the ice cream shop and up the stairs, or you can go up the street past it and head into the doorway next to the blue car (pictured). The intel will be inside.

Before you head up to the rooftops to meet up with the helicopter, you’ll find yourself in a soccer field. The last laptop is in the window of a building behind one of the goal nets.


After you pass a few houses, you’ll encounter a group of enemies at the Garden Villas apartments.To the East of the sign is a white office building. Head into that building and find the laptop on the desk, underneath the portrait of Washington.

After a while you’ll reach a gated bridge that keeps the riff raff out of the upper class neighborhoods. The laptop is in one of the security booths at the gate.

Cross the bridge and go into the second house on your right. You’ll find the laptop on the second floor, on an ugly yellow couch.

The Only Easy Day…Was Yesterday


After you breach the first door, you’ll head up two flights of stairs to a room with white double doors. Before heading through those doors, check the southern wall of that room for the laptop.

After you breach the second door and plant the C4, head around the corner and go in the first door on your right (pictured). The laptop is in this room.

After you destroy the helicopter and attackers, follow Soap up the stairs and back down. After you go down the staircase, turn right around and find the third laptop underneath.

The Gulag

Before you enter the prison (the gate with the red lights), head up the staircase to the right of the door. The laptop is in this room.

The second one is easy. When you enter the control room with all of the monitors (the room where Ghost opens the security doors), you’ll find the laptop behind the big display on a desk.

After you grab a riot shield and exit the armory, there will be a bunch of cells to your right. The laptop will be in the first open one.

After you rescue the prisoner and the whole place starts coming apart, don’t leave the room just yet. After the cutscene, turn around and find the laptop on a desk next to the hole you blew in the wall.

Of Their Own Accord

After you enter the building and clear all the enemies out, follow Foley to the northern hallway where all of the elevators are. The elevator stuck open by a dead body contains a laptop.

At one point in the level you’ll take down some soldiers building a SAM site. Head left down the hallway until you get to a room that a soldier is blind firing out of. After you take him out, head into that room for the intel.

That is all of the Modern Warfare 2 Intel items in Act Two.

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Modern Warfare 2 Enemy Intel - Act Three



Follow Captain Price until you get to a pipeline that’s suspended in the air. Around this point in time, he’ll ask you if you want to kill a couple guards or avoid them. Kill them and check the area left of them. You’ll find the laptop on a crate sitting underneath a parachute (pictured).

Once you reach the small base, locate building 33 on the left side of the map. The laptop is inside on a bench.

From building 33, head northwest to the helipad where the gunship is (or was, if you blew it up). The laptop is on a crate in the northwest corner.

Whiskey Hotel

The first laptop in this level is sitting on a black sofa as you exit the Oval Office.

The second laptop can be found just before the end of the level, before you pop your green flares. You’ll climb a two level staircase that doubles back on itself, and the laptop can be found in the northeast corner of the room that you come to. If you see your squad mate use his flares, you’ll know you’re in the right spot.

Loose Ends

A little ways behind the main house is a boathouse (pictured). You might recognize it as the starting location in one the Spec Ops missions. The intel is inside.

Another laptop can be found in the basement of the house, in the room with all of the weapons.

The last laptop is on the top floor of the house, in the bedroom. It’s on a desk next to a window.

The Enemy of My Enemy


As soon as you start this level, explore the wrecked plane right next to the plane you’re in. A laptop is in the cockpit.

This second one is a little harder to describe. After you pass underneath some airplane wreckage a good ways into the level, you’ll come across a wrecked jumbo jet facing towards you (pictured). The laptop is in that jet.

Just Like Old Times

After you evade the first patrol in the dark cave, there will be one guard remaining that’s smoking a cigarette. Price will let you decide his fate. Take him out and head up the lit tunnel towards the east and you’ll find the intel on top of a crate.

After you’re ambushed by the enemies in the cave (with the laser sights), don’t head outside immediately. Shortly before the cave exit, on the left, is a laptop hidden in the dark.

After the smoke screen ambush with the riot shield soldiers, you’ll come to a door to breach, but don’t do it yet. Head northwest into a small cave with some weapons and a laptop.

In the room where you have to override the door controls before the timer is up, you’ll find the intel on a table littered with empty cans.


This is the last laptop in the game! And it’s nearly impossible to miss. It’s sitting on a box right next to the raft that you drive. You’re done!

Those are all of the pieces of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 enemy intel. If you found them all through my confusing instructions than good for you!

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