Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Secret Locations & Hiding Places

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Secret Locations & Hiding Places
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Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer maps are littered with secret spots and perfect sniping locations. Some have been intentionally placed by the level designers, some are quirks of a map’s geometry that inventive players have turned to their advantage. The problem is that it doesn’t take long for word to spread amongst the players of the best-known tricks and secret locations, especially with the Killcam in Modern Warfare 2 giving away your whereabouts when you use these spots. Soon everyone is clambering towards the same locations. Some secret spots, however, remain strangely under-used or unappreciated. The following three spots are great ways of getting the drop on unsuspecting opponents.

Estate - The Roof of the Boat House


Estate boasts a number of secret spots and jumps, both inside the main house and around the rest of the map. Examples include the tops of the greenhouse and the roof of the damaged building at the base of the hill. Players can even get up onto the electrical generators, although that location is of questionable use.

One spot on Estate is both tactically important and yet under-used by the majority of players: the top of the Boat House.

To get up onto the roof of the Boat House, follow these steps:

  • At the back of the Boat House, jump up onto the chair against the wall.
  • Next, jump up onto the drums stacked against the chair.
  • Face away from the building and jump across to the light pole.
  • Balancing on the light pole, turn back round to face the Boat House and jump across to land on its roof.

From the top of the Boat House, a player can completely dominate any opponents spawning at the base of the hill and heading up the right side of the map. Even once the opposition know you are there, it is very difficult for them to flank you. The position has very low visibility as well, so a sniper equipped with a silencer and the Cold-Blooded perk can rack up a serious Killstreak perched on top of the Boat House.

Highrise - Running the Rim


There are very few Modern Warfare 2 players who don’t know the main secret spots on Highrise. The roof of the southern building and the run along the girders up to the northern building have become infamous, and any decent opposition will take you out long before you even get to the “secret” location.

There is one spot on Highrise that can give you a tactical edge or allow you free rein around the map.

To get to it head to the eastern edge of the building, near the flight of stairs leading up to the helipad. Before you go into the covered walkway, look over the edge. You should see a window cleaning cradle. Jump down to it.

From this secret spot, you can do two things.

You can cover the window in the southern building near the opposition spawn point. Every time players respawn and come running out of the broken window, they are sitting ducks. Because of the low visibility here, a single player can keep several opponents locked down in the building, unable to risk venturing out.

Secondly, there is a concrete lip that runs round the edge of the entire building. You can traverse the map quickly and with the minimum of exposure. You can also use it to smash through the window into the southern building’s spawn point. This rim on the building is great for flag runs in CTF.

Afghan - Camping on the Cliff Face


As with High Rise, the main secret spot on Afghan has been done to death. If you get up onto the wing of the downed aircraft, you will probably be picked off in no time at all. However, this spot can be used to access an even better secret spot, and one rarely used: the Cliff Face Ledge.

To get to the ledge, follow these simple steps:

  • Get onto the aircraft’s lower wing as normal.
  • Run up the wing as fast as you can to the highest point.
  • On the cliff face opposite, there is a vent box. Jump across to this.
  • Turn to your right. You should see a small rocky ledge. Jump over to this.

From this vantage point, a player has complete domination over the central area of the map, with the added bonus of being very difficult to detect against the background of the cliff face. Of course, once your enemy know you are there, the end will not be long in coming. By then, though, you should have racked up a few kills and served your team well.


Taking advantage of the lesser-known secret spots on the Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer maps can be a great way of putting together a serious Killstreak to rain death down upon the enemy. As always, practice makes perfect, so it can be worth trying these locations out in a System Link or Private online match until you can pull the necessary jumps off every time. For more Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 tips and tricks, check out our Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Guide.

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