Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Team Death Match Commentaries - The Rise To Fame

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Team Death Match Commentaries - The Rise To Fame
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Introduction to Machinima and Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch Commentaries

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been the most successful of the call of duty series to date. Its success has brought along an unexpected addition to the call of duty community – Modern Warfare 2 Team Death Match Commentaries. has been producing videos and montages of popular games since before Modern Warfare 2’s release, but Modern Warfare 2’s success meant that the site began to produce many Modern Warfare 2 videos, which gained notable popularity on Machinima’s Youtube channel. Many Modern Warfare 2 players began searching for articles and videos that would help them improve their game. This is where Call of Duty players like Hutch and SeaNanners rose to fame.

What It’s All About

If you haven’t heard of Hutch you probably don’t even own a console let alone Modern Warfare 2 - if you don’t own Modern Warfare 2 you probably live on the dark side of the moon. Hutch is probably the most famous of the Machinima Team. The Modern Warfare 2 commentary videos were originally intended to help others improve their gameplay. Players like Hutch literally upload videos of themselves playing online and commented on various tactics as they are using them. The videos gained popularity because they gave people what they wanted – help with playing online. But over time many viewers stopped watching the videos for instructional purposes and began flocking to them for their entertainment value. Video Games are designed to be played for entertainment, but apparently an incredible number of people also love to watch others playing CoD - a point that the MW2 creators pointed out in their advertisement for the Stimulus Package.

It is true that Machinima produces videos on games other than Modern Warfare 2, but the Modern Warfare 2 Team Death Match Commentary videos are some of the most popular on Youtube, in fact the term itself is one of the most searched for in conjunction with Modern Warfare 2. So why do we like to simply sit back and watch others play this game?

Xbox 360 Vs PS3

When I asked some fans why they continually logged onto Youtube to specifically watch the newest Machinima Modern Warfare 2 commentary videos I received mixed answers. Some want to read the comments as much as they want to watch the videos – certain videos do tend to draw both MW2 critics and fanatics to them sometimes causing disagreements. Another argument that also rises its ugly head is the PS3 vs. Xbox 360, with one of the most frequent comments being that Xbox 360 has the best players but PS3 has the least hackers and glitlches. Regardless of their stance it seems a lot of Youtubers enjoy commenting on the Machinima videos in order to start these arguments, as it is one of the few places that many PS3 and Xbox 360 users converge. So if you’re a troll I guess you’ve probably been here already.

Nukeboosters and Campers

Another point that was made to me is that all of the makers of these videos hold very strong opinions about the game itself – many are extremely anti-nukeboosting and anti-camping, as is the majority of the Modern Warfare 2 community. It seems many users thoroughly enjoy videos that show nukeboosters being stopped in their tracks and campers being repeatedly hunted down. It is almost as though the videos are a message to these cheaters – the community doesn’t like you and here’s our proof. Interestingly enough I have never come across a comment defending camping or nukeboosting.

Conclusion - Modern Warfare 2 Team Deathmatch Commentaries

Of course aside from these ‘entertainment values’ most players actually learn a lot of tips and tactics for playing online while watching these videos and a lot of other websites have jumped on the video bandwagon. Everyone has their own reasons for watching the videos and I think we can all agree they make for good entertainment, regardless of the reason you watch them for.