Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Titles and Emblems

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Titles and Emblems – Titles

Titles are the biggest part of your call sign in Modern Warfare 2. They’re the wide bar with a graphic and some text. Many titles share graphics with each other.


Not counting the country flag titles, which are unlocked essentially when you start playing the game, there are 100 different graphics for titles. Titles are unlocked through gameplay in multiplayer mode, through challenges such as these. There are titles for weapons and for headshots with weapons. There are titles for each level of prestige. There are viral titles; Infected can only be obtained from being stabbed by someone with Infected in their callsign, and STD can only be obtained by stabbing someone with STD in their callsign.

Some titles are harder to get than others. You’re fairly likely to obtain titles like Silent Strike or Backstabber in any old game you play. Others, like Grim Reaper or Heads Up! are harder to get, requiring a large amount of luck. Every perk has it’s challenge, and every gun has several.

When it comes right down to it, the only way to unlock titles is to play and play and play, until you’ve accomplished the requirements for the titles.


Just like titles, emblems are part of your call sign in Modern Warfare 2. They’re the avatar-sized graphic in the corner, and lack text.Not counting the weapon emblems, which all have the same graphic with the name of the weapon used to obtain it, there are 223 emblems.

Every perk, killstreak, and weapon has an emblem associated with it. Weapons in fact have more than one; one for kills and one for headshots.

Many of the rest of the emblems come from the challenges with arbitrary requirements. Having a kill to death ratio of five to one will net you one emblem, while earning a 10 killstreak without having any killstreaks equipped will net you another one. Most of the payback,


elite, and intimidation challenges have emblems as rewards along with their exp.

Prestiging also opens up numerous challenges to complete, each with their emblem or title rewards. Some of the more interesting emblems, however, come from the hidden challenges. The crazy pig emblem, for instance, comes from the hidden Click Click Boom challenge.


When it comes right down to it, your callsign is your method of expressing yourself to your peers while you play. How do you want to be seen? Do you want to display that hard-earned prestige title and emblem set? Would you rather make a joke set out of titles and emblems that don’t really fit? Or would you have something that matches your clan tag, to show your solidarity with your clan and your friends? The choice is yours; all you have to do is earn the titles and emblems.


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